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CZ Luna is the first community-powered Luna that features a fully immersive Play-to-Earn metaverse.

United States – CZ Luna is the revival of forking Luna supported by the Lunatics community and encouraged to execute a burn feature into its ecosystem. CZ Luna holds extreme potential as it offers a hyper-deflationary token, Decentra Loona Verse an NFT Play-to-Earn P2E Create-to-Earn C2E fully immersive metaverse, LooNFT marketplace, and LOONA DEX. Correspondingly, it carries stand-out features in its tokenomics, which includes a 3% auto-reflection of every buy/sell transaction to coin holders, 4% development, and 5% goes to the liquidity pool providing sustainability to LUNCZ token price while maintaining a healthy level of price volatility.

For those who were affected by the de-peg attack a.k.a the X-Lunatics, it presents a second opportunity to cop up with their financial damage. Alike, CZ LUNA team is accelerating mass adoption of LUNCZ token by deploying solid utilities onto the blockchain, that serves $LUNCZ, the governance token, fundamentally. Featuring mainly, the next generation P2E/C2E metaverse, which is aiming to be the next billion-user platform.

Correspondingly, the team is working diligently to develop Decentra Loona Verse (DLV), along with a DEX called Loona DEX, and a native NFT marketplace. Moreover, DLV features a AAA-graphics, Three-Dimensional, Open-world futuristically-themed metaverse, built using Unreal Engine and backed by Polygon. It will also provide an unprecedented VR experience, bringing everyone together in one immersive and engaging decentralized metaverse. Uniquely, CZ LUNA ecosystem will have its own NFT Marketplace, which is called “LooNFT Marketplace“. It is where Loonaversians and non-loonaversians can buy, sell, auction, exchange, and rent out NFT items. Obtainable NFTs come in limited numbers and editions. Loonaversians can also use or create in-game NFT assets, to sell, lend or even exchange them with others. NFT assets will include: land parcels, virtual real estate, cars, and more. Moreover, as a Loonaversian you can be anyone you desire, you will live in a decentralized metaverse where everyone is anonymous yet have unique non-fungible identities. You would also be able to build, work and even create games to monetize your experience and generate both active and passive income.

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Loona DEX is a Decentralized Exchange with the lowest fees. Slick, user-friendly, and suitable for everyone including beginners. It also provides a high %APY staking. Besides the DEX, strategic DeFi offers, and key integrations with Bogged finance, Chainlink, Inverse Finance, and others give further control of the finances through holding and using LUNCZ tokens. CZ Luna Presale is currently live on PinkSale. And it represents a lifetime opportunity, as participants will get 3 Billion coins per BNB in presale, whereas the price at launch will be 2 Billion per BNB, so that is an extra Billion per BNB. In this light, CZ Luna retains an extreme potential to offer, and will be the next big thing soon.

On a final note, the team behind CZ Luna, have implemented several SAFU measures, fostering a safe decentralized environment for investors. In fact, the smart contract has passed a rigorous line-by-line audit by Cyberscope, well-known smart contract auditors who holds great integrity and experience in blockchain security. They have also integrated an anti-snipe bot at launch to prevent any price manipulation, locked the liquidity to block any potential of a rug pull, and enabled coin vesting to avoid severe price dumps at launch, as sometimes the price might skyrocket by ten folds at launch. Equally important, they have chosen to host the presale on PinkSale launchpad, a leading decentralized platform, that provides a safe environment for users to invest in newly launched cryptocurrency projects, through informing its users about the project’s status while canceling those who show signs of potential scams or rug pulls.

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