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Curate Rewards Native Token $XCUR for Every Successful Transaction

The world’s first all-in-one marketplace app Curate rewards platform users for every successful transaction. This Decentralized App (dAPP) which is developed on a decentralized blockchain network is offering the platform’s native token $XCUR to buyers and sellers for completing every transaction. The idea is to reward users for their engagement on the app. Curate was founded by James Hakim as the world’s first gasless NFT and physical goods marketplace.

To enhance user experience, the platform started rewarding for shopping or browsing through listings. Curate provides a platform for users to display their products such as gaming, crypto assets, fashion clothing, and more. Besides rewarding for in-app purchases, Curate also rewards token XCUR for minting NFT. It is similar to crypto mining where the miner is rewarded. Creating an NFT is also known as minting and when someone uses the Curate platform for minting NFT, the reward is generated in form of native token XCUR.

The platform developer said, “Our goal is to engage more users by enhancing users’ experience. When NFT creators or buyers engage within the ecosystem, they are incentivized for their contribution to the marketplace. The reward is given in the form of $XCUR, the platform’s native token. Besides rewarding users, Curate also allows minting NFTs without paying gas fees. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Curate is a gasless marketplace app. We aim to eliminate the gas fee associated with minting NFTs. The platform has also added the GenM feature that allows users to trade both physical and digital goods such as gaming, GIFs, electronics, NFTs, clothing, and more.”

Curate is a gasless NFT and physical goods marketplace that accepts payments through traditional options like credit/debit cards, as well as for cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH or platform-specific XCUR. The platform developers also aim to provide data privacy and authentication. The high-level encryption features create an immutable database that is completely secure and guarantees data privacy. Curate is also free from fake reviews. Blockchain technology prevents third parties from accessing users’ data and only reviews from genuine accounts are allowed to eliminate the issue of fake reviews.

About Curate:

Curate is a gasless NFT marketplace that allows buying or selling NFTs, as well as physical goods. The platform offers digital items such as NFTs, games, GIFs, electronics, clothing, and more. It is an all-in-one marketplace that is created to allow users to trade both physical and digital goods such as NFTs. For using this platform, the users also receive the platforms’ native token is $XCUR as a reward.

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