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Cryptyk is listing on ProBit Exchange on Sept 8

Crypto Powered Cloud Storage is the Next Big Blockchain Thing!

The first killer app for blockchain technology was crypto-powered payments with the emergence of Bitcoin for secure, private, fast financial transactions at cheaper transaction prices than the banks. Second there was crypto-powered smart contracts such as Ethereum and Cardano that have revolutionized the cost of raising business capital. Next was “DeFi” or crypto-powered financial derivative products which now compete head-on with traditional fiat derivatives such as lending. And most recent has been the emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) which are digital assets attached to unique collectable or tradeable assets such as online gaming items, digital art and even real estate. So what will be the next big crypto-powered thing?

Believe it or not it might actually be crypto powered CLOUD STORAGE. Yes – the cloud storage service that most of us already pay around $10 a month to tech giants such as Google, Apple and Microsoft for storing our ever-growing gigabytes of personal files, photos, videos and important work documents. So how can a new decentralized cloud storage product compete with these global tech behemoths and their fast, easy, low cost, omnipresent centralized cloud storage services that we are all compelled to use?

The answer is with next generation cyber-security and user privacy. Assuming that crypto-powered cloud storage can compete with the major players in terms of speed, scalability, accessibility and cost then there is a unique opportunity for a new product to gain market share by offering vastly superior data security and user privacy. Silicon Valley company Cryptyk is building such an ultra-secure, 100% private cloud storage product that is powered by its own crypto-currency called Cryptyk Tokens (CTK). Cryptyk says its hybrid decentralized cloud technology is just as fast, simple, scalable and affordable as Microsoft or Apple cloud – but delivers 100x better data security and offers users 100% “zero-knowledge” privacy. Interested?

On September 8th the CTK digital token will be listed on global crypto-currency exchange ProBit Global (see The CTK token is already listed on the Cointiger exchange and trading at around 2 cents per CTK token. Visit to find out more about Cryptyk Cloud Technology and the CTK digital economy.

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