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Crypto Startup SafeCrypto is on a Mission to Build a Scam Free Environment for Crypto Investors

Crypto Startup SafeCrypto is on a Mission to Build a Scam Free Environment for Crypto Investors
SafeCrypto is a decentralized community with the objective of stopping rug pulls and protecting the interest of the investors.

NEW YORK, USA – In the last few years, cryptocurrency has gained significant momentum and the interest in crypto projects is at an all-time high, and continues to grow unabated. The amount of money that is being poured into crypto projects is growing at a remarkable pace. Millions of investors across the globe have hopped on to the trend and are looking at the crypto investments as a new asset class that can potentially give enormous returns beating all other asset classes.


There are new project launches happening almost everyday. And many of these projects happen to be just copy and paste contracts. This is creating a serious problem that is troubling most crypto investors when investing in crypto projects. This is the abandoning; rug pull and speculation of their investment. SafeCrypto aims to prevent these problems by providing tools that will scan contracts for common code used in unsafe small cap crypto investments.

Notwithstanding the economic and geopolitical environment that affected virtually all industries in 2020, crypto investments seem to be more resilient than ever. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) had an impressive run in 2020, right in the middle of treasuries sell-offs and a stock market crash. Experts believe that regardless of any potential slowdown in 2021 and beyond, the crypto sector will continue to see increase in investment activity.

“The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has invited some bad players with malicious intent, who are constantly looking to deceive gullible investors. The most common players are the devs who abandon, and rug pull projects,” says a spokesperson at SafeCrypto. “We want to protect the interest of the investors by creating a safe environment where investors can find reliable and trustworthy projects to invest their hard-earned money.”

SafeCrypto is a team-based community powered hyper deflationary crypto investment awareness & educational cryptocurrency token based on binance smart chain.

SafeCrypto’s solution promises to be an exciting proposition in the world of crypto projects that continues to evolve every day with the incorporation of innovative ideas and technologies. By identifying unsafe crypto investments, SafeCrypto will help instill confidence in new investors.

“As it happens with any new opportunity or technology, crypto space too has unethical players who will try to swindle the new and inexperienced investors,” says the spokesperson at SafeCrypto. “We aim to stop the scams by imparting knowledge and sharing our research findings with investors in order to educate them about safe investment avenues.”

SafeCrypto token community strives to teach investors how to find reputable crypto projects while avoiding honeypots and rug pulls. SafeCrypto also create tools that will alert investors of speculative wallet activity. In addition to this, they will help equip investors and new projects with all the tools they need to help their project succeed.

“SafeCrypto was launched with a vision to help crypto industry plug the loopholes in this unregulated space,” says the spokesperson at SafeCrypto. “We will continue to invest in research and development to offer the latest technology applications to our users.”

SafeCrypto is a hyper deflationary token, auto-manual burn & buyback make this true deflationary. There is a 5% auto reward for holders on every transaction. 100% liquidity is locked for years & 45% token is locked for ecosystem & listing liquidity. SafeCrypto has some unique features like Safe Audits, SafeLaunchpad, SafeSwap, Safe Ecosystem which make it special. SafeAcademy, SafeScan, SafeHunt, SafeQuiz, SafeTube, SafeNews & awareness campaign are some of the best parts of SafeCrypto.

SafeCrypto is quickly growing more popular every day. The team is committed to building a safe and sound ecosystem that will weed out bad players from the system and will drive wider participation from new crypto investors.

For more information about the SafeCrypto and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit their website at

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