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COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Affects Jewish Marriages and Fertility — Launches a New Investigative Series

Palm Beach, Florida ( Monday Dec 19, 2022 @ 9:05 AM Pacific —

Recent reports by journalist Etana Hecht suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine may be impacting the menstrual cycles and fertility of women in the Jewish Orthodox community.

American/Israeli reporter Hecht, known for her courageous Substack examining COVID-19 protocols, reports Orthodox women, with their long history of tracking their menstrual cycles and fertility, have noticed changes such as

  • Excessively heavy or painful periods;
  • Missed periods;
  • Excessively long spotting;
  • Periods returning post-menopause.

“Some of the earliest reports of menstrual disruption post-vaccination came from the women of the Jewish Orthodox community, almost immediately after the vaccine rollout,” said Etana Hecht. “To give a clear picture of why that was the case, some background is necessary.”

Renowned Epidemiologist and Ph.D. Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s latest Substack reviews Etana Hecht’s article: “Etana does a marvelous, yet troubling research look at the issue of the COVID gene injections & the impact on the menstrual cycle and we can extrapolate to potentially fertility, etc. far-reaching effects”

Dr. Naomi Wolf and a few who followed her lead publicly called attention to the issue of women’s menstrual cycles being impacted in the spring of 2021.

“The evidence has only gotten stronger to support the early warnings,” said Dr. Wolf, a renowned feminist and spokesperson for this issue. “We need to thoroughly investigate the potential long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on women’s reproductive health.”

Rabbis in Israel and America have also raised concerns about a drop in birthrates and reports of birth defects in babies born to vaccinated mothers.

Both Dr. Wolf and Hecht are available for interviews to discuss their research and the potential implications for the wider population.

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