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Colorado Businessman Tyler Tysdal Promotes Business With Instagram Channel

When Tyler Tysdal started his first business when he was 13 years old he didn’t have the advantages of social media like today’s youth have. Tysdal, now 50 years old, reflects back to how much different his business may have been, and how he is using those advantages today.

Strong connections can be made across industries and around the world by focusing on who a business is, rather than what it does. Potential customers want to learn why a company was founded and the story behind its products and services. Instagram is home for many creators and business owners looking to make an impact on their communities.

Tyler Tysdal Freedom Factory

Tyler Tysdal and Robert Hirsch cofounded Freedom Factory, a Denver business brokerage, and have found Instagram to be the perfect medium for telling their story, how they started, and how their experience can really benefit entrepreneurs that want to grow or sell their business.

With 90% of the people on Instagram following at least one business, it clearly demonstrates that a huge market of people are there looking at brands. Entrepreneurs like Tysdal find that they can attract and engage people who feel a connection to their brand by sharing their company’s values and identity with the world.

Tyler Tysdal and many other entrepreneurs around the world have always found that visual content is a great way to communicate with their audience and establish a relationship. Marketing has always been customer-centric rather than product-centric. Instagram experts say that it’s important not to use Instagram to promote products, but instead use it to focus on feelings and emotions through storytelling.

Tysdal’s business partner Robert Hirsch is a master storyteller and was host of the A&E television show Save It Or Sell It. When they started Freedom Factory they produced over 50 videos that tell a real life story from past business experiences, using those to answer questions and give valuable content to viewers.

Freedom Factory first started by putting those videos on Youtube and Vimeo, but have now found that through Facebook and Instagram Business accounts it is now simple to syndicate those same videos on their Instagram TV Channel. They have found that social media is a great place to get feedback from potential clients to find out what the customers’ perceptions may be and they are able to gain valuable insights from that data.

Freedom Factory has witnessed and experienced the incredible results entrepreneurs can achieve when they combine passion and purpose to create extraordinary value. Most entrepreneurs don’t know how to maximize their business’s value and get on the next stage of their lives, and Tyler Tysdal has found Instagram to be a great platform to spread Freedom Factory’s message.


For more information about Tyler Tysdal, contact the company here:

Tyler Tysdal
Tyler Tysdal
Freedom Factory
​5500 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Ste 230
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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