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Coachingly: Helping People Connect With Accredited & Vetted Professional Coaches Worldwide

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2022 / Coachingly, the worldwide expert coaching platform, helps people from all over the world to connect with accredited, expert and vetted coaches to suit their particular needs. Coaching has become one of the most demanded professions and boosted this demand even more due to the pandemic.

This scenario opened the door to a potentially dangerous situation: most coaches are not real. Sensitive topics, such as working with a non-professional individual, can wreak havoc on someone’s life. Ensuring people are working with a vetted coach is paramount.

Many people feel stuck, need a life shift, or even need to find their greater purpose. Others sense they are not getting the outcomes they want, whether in business or personal situations. Those are the typical cases where a professional coach can be the solution.

A professional coach can link most people’s struggles with an action plan and a solution. They can reverse what people feel may be irreversible. But the main issue is the same, separating the wheat from the chaff. Due to a lack of regulations, anyone can portray as a coach, and it won’t break any law. Coachingly disrupts the market and sheds light where there is only darkness.

Customers can go to Coachingly´s platform and choose their desired professional based on reviews, their profile, and uploaded credentials.

“We are glad to know that we are making a difference in how those in need access coaching and how practitioners provide the services. By focusing our attention on bridging clients to qualified coaches, we know for sure we are contributing to making the coaching practice more regulated. That way, more people can benefit from the expertise of real practitioners and avoid receiving dangerous and subpar quality coaching.” said Coachingly’s CEO Martina Howard.

To this date, the platform has amassed thousands of users and accredited coaches worldwide. The areas that are high in demand are:

● Life

● Business

● Career

● Women Empowerment

And more than 50% of our existing customers have reported that remote coaching worked extremely positively for them and has significantly impacted their personal and professional lives.

“It made searching for a qualified coach much easier than I expected. As soon as my preferred life coach accepted my booking, we proceeded with the coaching sessions, which we agreed to do through video calls using Zoom. It didn’t take long for me to see results. ” stated a Coachingly customer.

About Coachingly: Coachingly is a London-based platform founded in 2021 that specialises in connecting people from all over the world with accredited and vetted coaches and helping them become the best version of themselves in many areas.


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