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Clootrack Study Reveals the Power of Zero Redefining the US Energy Drink Market

Clootrack, an intelligent consumer experience analytics platform, conducted a study of more than 31,000 customer reviews over a 2.5-year period to gather information. The data was released in September 2022.

Clootrack released the results of a long-term study about the habits of US energy drink consumers. The study, conducted over 2.5 years and involving 31,870 customer experiences, revealed how the “power of zero” is shaping current US energy drink market trends. 

“A significant number of US consumers are shifting towards zero-sugar, zero-calorie, zero-caffeine energy drinks, and their numbers are growing,” a Clootrack representative said. “Zero-format drinks appeal to most consumers, as they can be consumed without guilt.”

The entirety of the Clootrack energy drinks study is available to download. Many consumers reported a shift toward healthier choices, seeking sugar and caffeine-free energy drinks. People said they used energy drinks for “improved mental clarity, alertness, focus, better athletic performance, weight reduction by delaying fatigue and improving coordination,” the study said. Overall, the data shows a broader shift toward health, fitness, and well-being, impacting the beverage industry dynamics. 

Redefining a booming industry

The US energy drink market, projected to grow to $21.01 billion by 2026, remains highly competitive. Between 2017 and 2021, energy drink sales increased by 26 percent, Statista reported, showing a continuously growing demand for the benefits the beverages provide. The Clootrack study showed that customer reviews corresponded to the growing sales. Brands mentioned in the study include Alani Nu, Aspire, CELSIUS, Crystal Light, EHP Labs, Gatorade, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Rockstar, V8, Zevia, and ZOA.

One key trend shown by the Clootrack study shows a “rise in customer preference for caffeine-free, sugarless, gluten-free, organic, and vegan energy drinks.” Consumers are also concerned with the availability of their chosen energy drinks in grocery stores and supermarkets. The study reported that more than 31 percent of 1,265 customer reviews were concerned with product unavailability. The Covid-19 pandemic causes disruptions in the distribution and supply chains of many energy drink companies, resulting in shortages at local stores. 

A matter of taste

Clootrack’s study indicates that most consumers purchase energy drinks based on taste and flavor, with unflavored drinks vastly more popular among the reviewing customers. Male customers reported greater concern about sugar, drink size, and caffeine content, while female consumers were more concerned with availability. 

Key points of the study

The experts at Clootrack made a video to explain the key points of the energy drink study. 

Clootrack studies customer experiences

Clootrack offers businesses a way to understand the reasons “why” their customer experience drops. With a powerful AI-driven engine, Clootrack examines customer reviews and conversations to analyze the information and provide real-time updates to enterprises and high-stake decision-makers so they can make informed choices about the future of their business efforts. With unbiased data, business owners can track trends in the industry and determine how to adapt. 


Clootrack showed the “power of zero” with its energy drink report, providing valuable information to the industry and likely helping shape the future of products on the market. Clootrack’s powerful AI-driven engine analyzes customer experiences from public online forums, providing unbiased data showing verifiable trends in the market. To learn more about Clootrack, visit the website or reach out on social media.

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