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CLIP Labs Becomes First Southern California Lab to Offer Phytofacts® Chemometric Reports

CLIP Labs x Phytofacts
CLIP Labs x Phytofacts

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SAN DIEGO – May 17, 2022 – (

CLIP Labs is now the second testing lab in California—the first in Southern California—to be licensed with Napro Research, LLC for their proprietary reporting tool, PhytoFacts®. These innovative chemometrics reports offer a more comprehensive and visual reporting of cannabis strains.

The ground-breaking PhytoFacts® cannabinoid and terpenoid reporting will benefit cultivators, manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. Proponents of chemometrics also believe this reporting will help standardize the cannabis testing industry.

“Over the past several years, it has become apparent that terpene content in cannabis flower and cannabis-based products play a significant role in both the physiological and the sensory impact to the cannabis end user. Being able to visually display the terpene chemoprofile’s contribution using PhytoFacts® is powerful for both the cultivator/producer and the customer,” shared CLIP Labs CSO Dr. Cindy Orser.

PhytoPrint®, which is Napro Research’s advanced terpenoid visualization tool, creates a complete chemical profile, including flavors and predicted effects based upon the terpenes found in the sample. This all-encompassing report empowers customers of all experience levels with an easily digestible guide that will lead them to their desired product based on the effect it supplies.

Added Dr. Orser, “PhytoFacts® is an important step forward in bringing transparency to the cannabis consumer to more fully appreciate the contribution that terpenes bring to the chemoprofile of cannabis flower and cannabis-based products.”

CLIP Labs is proud to partner with Napro Research as they move the cannabis industry forward. PhytoFacts chemometric reports will be immediately available to CLIP Lab customers as a part of the full-panel compliance testing.

About CLIP Labs

CLIP Labs is ISO-17025:2017 accredited to perform the required analytical testing as mandated by the California DCC for third-party independent testing labs, including 11 cannabinoids and 19 terpenoids, which together constitute “potency” of the active ingredients potentially present in the cannabis plant or cannabis-based product. Their team of nationally recognized cannabis scientists assists its clients in creating the safest and most effective cannabis product on the market.

About NAPRO Research

Napro Research applies advanced technology and insights to create custom analytical solutions for four key sectors in the cannabis ecosystem: biotechnology, breeding, production, and laboratory services. Napro works with the top innovators in cannabis and hemp, providing access to the most chemically diverse, organized, and well-characterized cannabis germplasm collection in the world. Napro was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Westlake Village, California. For information, visit

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CLIP Labs Becomes First Southern California Lab to Offer Phytofacts® Chemometric Reports

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