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Clean Vent Air Solutions Is Working Hard To Keep Air Safe And Breathable For Families And Homeowners Everywhere

The DIY kit from Clean Vent Air Solutions is an affordable and crucial tool for homeowners to ensure there are no toxins or molds in the air they breathe at home. For accuracy and fast results, the Clean Vent Air Mold Test Kit is the best option.

Mold is a common but potentially dangerous item that is often found in homes or offices. More than just a pesky inconvenience, breathing in mold 24/7, either in the home or office, can have numerous negative effects on health. Congestion issues, breathing problems, headaches, fatigue, and more are all issues that can be caused by breathing in mold. Sometimes it’s easy to find if it’s in an obvious spot, such as the walls or on a window. However, if it’s in air vents or dark and rarely accessible parts of a building, it’s not likely to be found until it’s already impacting the health of people around it. 

Clean Vent Air Solutions has developed a DIY kit that can easily and rapidly find the presence of mold in an AC vent system. This kit identifies the problem early, making it more likely to catch mold before it causes unfortunate health problems and risks. 

The Clean Vent Air Mold Test Kit and why to get it

As with any health risk, it’s better to eliminate what would cause the issue early to stop the issue from happening. Prevention is always more beneficial than treatment. With mold, it’s especially imperative to find it early to avoid harming infants, young children, the elderly, those with allergies, those with asthma, people with chronic lung disease, and people who are immunocompromised. 

Mold exposure symptoms like congestion, irritated eyes, difficulty breathing, and headaches are also associated with a wide variety of other health issues and frequently aren’t used to identify the presence of mold. By the time these symptoms begin, there is already a large amount of mold that will need to be removed. 

This is where the Clean Vent Air Mold Test Kit comes in. This incredibly affordable kit is easily installed by the homeowner and doesn’t need to be sent to a lab for results. Within 1-2 days, the test kit itself will be able to show if there is mold present in the AC vents. The use of this kit can identify mold early, and it can also save money on extensive mold removal if there isn’t mold that needs to be treated. 

This DIY kit allows homeowners and office managers to spend just a few minutes preventing high treatment costs and health issues in the long term. 


Available through the Clean Vent Air Solutions website, Amazon, and Walmart, this kit is a necessity for any home or office to periodically check their AC vents with ease. It’s always better to prevent a problem than to have to treat it later, and regular checks for mold with this DIY kit will aid in preventing health issues and pricey extensive mold removal. 

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