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Classes For Contractors License Available In Los Angeles

The California based Contractors State License Center would like to talk about their classes for contractors license in Los Angeles. The classes are aimed at preparing people to take the exam and become fully licensed contractors. The Contractors State License Center has over 50 years’ worth of experience in the industry, and they are the only contractor school in Los Angeles that offers free tutoring to its students. They have live, in-person classes where students sit in safe, secure cubicles as well as Zoom glasses for those looking to learn from home. Whatever learning method the students choose, they are all but guaranteed to come out of the exam with a contractors’ license.

“Upon completion of California contractors school, you will need to pass a test administered by the Contractors State License Board in order to get a job,” the contractor school says. “This test is difficult, and most people need help studying for the test in order to pass. CSLC’s proven program has been helping contractors in Los Angeles and throughout California for over 25 years. Over the years, we have helped many contractors all over the county get their California Contractors License.”

They continue, “Our research shows that contractors have a higher passing rate when studying in a classroom. In order to help you pass this exam, we have implemented an effective and comprehensive California contractors school, specifically designed to help you pass the test the first time. We offer a detailed curriculum in a classroom setting that is designed for your success. Our program that has been created over 20 years has helped thousands of our students get their California contractors license. We offer Contractor Classes in the San Fernando Valley. Our classroom curriculum includes six different courses that cover Law and Trade. The class is flexible, so you only have to come once a week in a two hour block. After you have completed six weeks of classes, you will practice by taking practice exams. “

A contractors’ license, as the name implies, is for those who do contractor work. This means anyone who does any building work for a fee of over $500 is legally required to have a contractors’ license. This includes all businesses and individuals who construct or alter buildings, highways, roads, parking facilities or other structures in and around Los Angeles. They can be licensed as general engineering contractors, subcontractors or specialty contractors. Individuals looking to do some home improvement work must also be licensed before submitting bids. In order to take the exam, they must meet certain criteria, including having several years’ worth of experience.

The exam is challenging, but with the help of an experienced, qualified teacher, passing it is well within the realm of possibility. Most people need help or study materials to get through it, however, so it is fortunate that the Contractor State License Center has been helping people for decades.

“Their exam consists of two separate tests,” says the Los Angeles contractor school. “All qualifying individuals must pass the standard Law and Business examination. In addition, qualifying individuals must pass a second test covering the specific trade or certification area for which they are applying, with the exception of the C-61 Limited Specialty Classification. No trade examination is required for this classification. The tests are multiple-choice. That is, you choose A, B, C or D. There is no writing. The law test will consist of about 125 questions. The trade exams vary in length depending on your classification. There are about 80 to 125 questions on the trade, on average. In order to pass the law test, you are required to answer 73% of the questions correctly. You will be informed at the test site about the exact percentage of correct answers needed to pass each trade examination. We are a contractors license school in San Fernando Valley, located in Burbank, and serving the Los Angeles Area.”

Visit the schools website to learn about their in-person classes and their online contractors license school in Los Angeles. They have helped countless people pass the exam, and they are always ready and willing to help more people prepare for it.


For more information about Contractors State License Center, contact the company here:

Contractors State License Center
Eric Jacobs
(800) 562-0008
3014 West Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

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