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Christian Author Jonathan Heller Releases Sixth Free EBook Titled “What if We Were Angels?”

Jonathan Heller is passionate about correcting the misconceptions in the teachings making the rounds in the Body of Christ while presenting the message of the gospel for what it truly is.

It is a sad fact, but there are many misconceptions today regarding the message of the Bible. It does not come as a surprise given the increasingly secular culture in the West and the increasingly liberal theological concepts of American Christianity. The more something is perceived to be a problem, the more everyone will want a solution that looks and sounds more dramatically different from anything currently being heard. And that’s what Jonathan Heller brings, a fresh new slant on the fundamentals of Christianity, not an attack on, but an encouragement toward biblical Christianity.

In his pursuit to restoring the balance of Biblical teachings, Jonathan Heller is thrilled to announce the release of his sixth eBook titled ‘What if We Were Angels?’ which takes the very essence of the teachings of Jesus Christ and shines it in a new light. ‘What if We Were Angels?’ is the sixth in a series by Jonathan, which he captioned “The Bible revealed in a Fallen World”. This new book by Jonathan Heller is an expository study on the Book of Jude and the author’s understanding.

“Why is the Book of Jude in the New Testament? Why is it so important that we know about angels that sinned thousands of years ago in this time? What can we learn from the words of Jesus Christ, which will help us understand the Book of Jude, even the sayings of the writers of the New Testament?” asked Jonathan as he explained the motivation behind ‘What if We Were Angels?.’

Using visual aids and the Strong’s Concordance, What If We Were Angels, presents the Bible with the original languages translated, as Scriptures are side by side for comparison. On his website are all six free Christian eBooks. Many are available on Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Books and even others.

When asked about Amazon, Jonathan said, “Amazon is great, although you can only offer eBooks free for a promotional period. Then you have to list them at a cost. I do this for my love of the truth and for sharing what the Lord has revealed to me. Jesus gave it freely; we should be doing the same.” Jonathan Heller is the founder of Lift up a Banner, a Christian website aimed to render obsolete the misconceptions taught within the Body of Christ.

You can download What If We Were Angels directly in pdf from his website and via Smashwords in pdf, EPUB, and Mobi (Kindle), with the link provided.  His other eBooks are titled, “The Bible Unveiled – Who Are We, Where Do We Come From,” “Crucified At Golgotha,” “Are You Following The Commandments of Jesus Christ,” “Jesus, Abstinence, & The Bible,” and “About My Father’s Business.” 

For more information, click the eBook directly above or through Jonathan’s website

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