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Choosing Firewood for Pizza Oven: What to Look for and What to Avoid according to

Choosing Firewood for Pizza Oven: What to Look for and What to Avoid according to

There are few things more delicious than a piping hot pizza that’s fresh out of the oven. Baking over a wood fire adds a unique flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. Here, home cooks and restaurateurs will learn how to choose the right firewood for a pizza oven. One can even go to the website

Firewood Choices Make a Difference

While numerous types of wood are safe to burn in a fire pit or a bonfire, not all are well-suited to use in a pizza oven. Using the right firewood will make the experience better for the chef and the person enjoying the pizza. By choosing woods that are clean-burning and quick to ignite, one is more likely to achieve tasty results. Kiln-dried wood from one of the best firewood delivery services of 2022 offers these qualities.

The Best Wood for Baking

According to, many experts recommend certain hardwoods for their low smoke production, cost efficiency, and easy ignition. Here are a few of the best choices.

  • Beechwood is dense, making it a great choice for a pizza oven. When it’s well-seasoned, it burns quite hot and provides a warm and welcoming aroma. 

  • Cherry wood sets a wonderful ambiance while allowing pizza cooks to spend less time tending the fire. Cherry wood ignites quickly, making cooking faster and more efficient. 

  • Oakwood is a perennial favorite among cooks for its easy preparation, slow burn, and low smoke. Furthermore, it will add a great flavor to the pizza crust. 

  • Maple wood is another great choice for pizza cooks. It’s very dense, so it will burn for several hours while making meals more flavorful. It will impart a flavor that can’t be duplicated.

Whether baking at home or in a restaurant, the choice of firewood will make a big difference in the quality of the food. Now that we’ve listed the best woods for cooking, it’s time to learn which to avoid. Below, we’ll list some of the worst woods to use in an oven.

Pine Wood

Though pine is an inexpensive choice for fireplaces and fire pits, it’s not the best firewood for a pizza oven. It burns too quickly to be of much use, and if it’s full of sap, it will smoke. To avoid ruining the flavor of the pizza, choose a different kind of wood.

Fresh, Green-Wood

If wood is green, that means it’s freshly cut and hasn’t yet dried out or become seasoned. Therefore, it’s difficult to light, and it won’t burn well. Every species of wood dries at a different rate, but even green wood will eventually dry out if it is stacked and covered properly.

Found Wood/Driftwood

If one finds pieces of wood in random places—or even at the store—don’t bring them home with hopes of putting them in a pizza oven. Wet wood, as well as woods of unknown origin, will not burn well and may even emit toxins when burned. Take it from the experts; there are much better choices out there! One can check out a company like Cutting Edge Firewood.

Bake Up Some Deliciousness

Wood-fired pizza ovens produce tasty pies, whether they’re used in a restaurant or at home. To do so, however, these ovens must be fueled with the right kind of wood. By knowing which types of firewood to use, cooks everywhere can produce delicious results.

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