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China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd Introduces Highly Equipped Plastic Sheet and Film Extrusion Machines To Make Fast and Trouble-Free Manufacturing Industries

China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd offers a wide range of highly expertly designed plastic sheet and film extrusion machines to provide outstanding performance and long service life in many manufacturing industries.

China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd was formed in 2010. Since then, it has been offering the most efficient and high-quality based plastic sheet and film extrusion line machinery to customers all over the world. This company has its main base in China and has been the leader in manufacturing a range of plastic sheet and film extrusion line machinery items that are 100% foolproof, time-tested, and highly competent performance-wise. All their machines are built by a team of engineering experts who have an in-depth insight as to what all goes into the production of these working equipment, and based on the exact specifications; they develop this range of plastic sheet and film extrusion line pieces of machinery. The outcome is that all these machines are flawless in terms of performance not only for a short period but also for a more extended period. The company also has this fantastic technical know-how as to how these machinery items operate and function, and at the same time, what are the best ways to handle and manage them. Therefore, they always advise their customers and guide them through using and installing these machines.

China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd’s EVA solar film machine that EVA/POE solar cell adhesive film is used for solar cell packaging. After lamination and curing, it is bonded and sealed. It plays the role of high light transmittance, preventing water vapor penetration, high and low-temperature resistance and ultraviolet light resistance to ensure the stable and efficient use of battery modules. It is a durable and reliable packaging material. The EVA/POE packaging film production line of  GWELL machinery is in a monopolistic global leading position.

Performance characteristics of GWELL EVA/POE adhesive film production line:

(1) The salivation extruder adopts EVA/POE single screw extrusion, and the screw barrel constant temperature circulating water cooling system solves the technical difficulties of EVA/POE plasticization and non crosslinking.

(2) Rollers adopt double-sided embossing, and solve the technical difficulties of adhesive film sticking to the roll.

(3) The cooling part adopts cooling roller and stress relief cooling bed to make the rubber film run smoothly and fully set, so as to ensure that the shrinkage rate is less than 3%.

(4) The whole line adopts PLC automatic control to realize the operation of the man-machine interface.

(5) The production line is equipped with online quality monitoring and control system to ensure the product qualification rate.

(6) Patented design of micro tension winder, the production line speed of the whole machine can reach 14m / min

China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd Introduces Highly Equipped Plastic Sheet and Film Extrusion Machines To Make Fast and Trouble-Free Manufacturing Industries

The PET Sheet machine can cut users’ operational costs by handling several tasks for that they need many personnel. GWELL PET sheet extrusion production line is the company’s strategic continuous improvement model. This equipment company adopts the special price sales mode to ensure the first market share, the same parameter configuration to achieve the lowest price, the continuous technical upgrading guarantee is always in the first echelon of the pet industry, and the processing materials can process APET, PETG, RPET, etc. Classification of PET sheet extrusion production line:

1. PET sheet single screw production line: APET, PETG and CPET sheet single screw extrusion production line is the most mature and stable scheme at present. It generally adopts the form of single machine or double machine coextrusion. GWELL adopts the latest technology to improve the comprehensive efficiency of this model by 30%

2. PET sheet single screw exhaust production line: this model only needs to crystallize pet without drying. Its advantages: low energy consumption, simple process, convenient equipment maintenance, and can ensure the blister 18cm deep cup.

3. PET sheet twin-screw exhaust production line (crystallization free drying): the crystallization free and drying free exhaust PET sheet unit launched by GWELL has the advantages of low energy consumption and high efficiency. This model is a continuous improvement and upgrading product of GWELLcompany. Now a major technical upgrade has been made to the core vacuum system, which has been upgraded from the original roots water ring pump unit to roots rotary vane pump unit, The vacuum degree can reach ≤ 10Pa. At the same time, the special alloy steel thin-wall roll group for pet is used to greatly improve the cooling efficiency, so as to increase the output and improve the toughness and transparency of products. GWELL’s independently programmed operating system ensures the humanization and easy operation of the equipment.

4. PET sheet planetary multi screw exhaust production line (no crystallization drying): the planetary screw extruder is used as the main engine to increase the area of materials and air. Combined with the vacuum pumping system newly developed by jinweil, it can meet the needs of customers with large output and high quality sheets. GWELL has been able to stand in the league of trustworthy firms of the market due to their nominal rates and supreme grade plastic sheet and film extrusion line machines. Their honesty in dealings and ethical business practices has enabled them to win the faith of numerous clients throughout the nation. Besides, there are varied other factors that are considered to be of utmost importance behind their notable growth and success. These factors are a diligent workforce, quality assured products, spacious warehousing unit, scheduled delivery of orders, Easy payment modes, and Customer focused policies.

About China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd.

China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd. is a special plastic sheet and film extrusion line machines manufacturer located in China. The company has professional technicians and the ability to design & develop new products by themselves. Presently, their main products include PET sheet, ABS sheet, PC and PMMA sheet, GPPS sheet, stone paper, EVA POE solar film, PVB glass interlayer film, etc. 

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