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Child Care SEO Is Offering Branding And Marketing Services For Daycares And Preschools

Child Care SEO, a marketing agency from Austin, TX, that serves daycares and preschools all over the country, has released a blog post that discusses the best way its clients can go about branding their child care business.

The blog post begins by saying that many child care businesses offer services that are very similar to each other, making it difficult to stand out in a crowded space. Using simple tools such as proper logo design and astute color selection, brands can differentiate themselves from the competition. Brand creation, however, is much more than just visual communication as it also involves creating a consistent message that can strike a chord with parents. The proper approach to child care marketing, therefore, according to the blog post, is to carefully craft a brand identity that evokes the intended feelings in its audience.

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The blog post then outlines a 5 step process for creating a new brand. First, daycares and preschools should decide what they want their school to represent. This involves researching the target market and the local competition. The challenge is to make a proposition that is distinct enough from the competition while still appealing to the core needs of the local parents. Some questions that a child care business should ask itself include what age groups the business serves, who is the ideal customer, to which socio-economic bracket do the customers belong, which age groups are currently sold out, or which are most popular, for which age group does the business offer the most capacity, what is the mission statement, how does the child care center describe its philosophy and many more.

Second, the business should focus on a clear business name and a direct tagline that succinctly communicates its focus. Expert child care branding helps eliminate the ambiguity of a school’s purpose. It crystallizes it efficiently so that parents can draw their conclusions on whether the service is suitable for their wards.

Third, the visual aspect of the branding is also equally important as it gives new and existing parents a simple way to identify the school or daycare center just by simple pictorial association. The blog post recommends looking at related companies and sticking to a color palette and design language that mimics them and is coherent in and of itself.

Fourth, the company recommends paying for a high-quality logo design used in the school or daycare center’s branding and promotional materials. Two versions of the logo are required – landscape and square. The landscape logo should include elements such as an icon, the name of the school or daycare, and the tagline.

Finally, the fifth recommendation by the company is to create a branding guide that contains details such as a list of fonts that are supposed to be used throughout the sites, the color palette and three or four key colors for that palette, both versions of the logo, guidelines on how to handle names and abbreviations, and finally the placement of the tagline. These guidelines should reside in a living document that is constantly referred to and appropriately updated.

A spokesperson for the child care marketing agency talks about the importance of branding in the industry by saying, “Separating a child care venture from its competitors through marketing is a tricky proposition as it is important to be tactful and create a brand that is consistent and that conveys a harmonious message. Having a well-rounded and well-established brand can not only make attracting parents easier but will also pay dividends for years or even decades down the line. Focusing on a child care business’s core strengths and translating them into marketing speak that is easy to grasp and spread is a challenge worth spending the time and effort on. If you are struggling with this aspect of brand building, Child Care SEO’s services are perfect for your business. Give us a call today and let us help you build a rock-solid brand that will, in due time, become locally and nationally synonymous with excellence in child care.”


For more information about Child Care SEO, contact the company here:

Child Care SEO
Colin MacLeod
[email protected]
14425 Falcon Head Blvd
Unit E100
Austin, TX 78738

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