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Chicago Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses if It Is Possible To Change the Locks During an Illinois Divorce

Chicago divorce lawyer Russell Knight ( releases a new article that explains whether it is possible to change the locks during an Illinois divorce. The lawyer mentions that there is no specific law surrounding the changing of locks when it comes to divorce or other domestic relations matters. However, changing the locks on a home can basically mean the same thing as evicting a spouse from the marital home.

“If you and your spouse are co-owners of the property or co-signers of the lease then you both have equal rights to enter the property as you please and the other person can’t bar you from the entrance. The right to bar a co-owner or co-tenant from a property must be granted by the court,” says the Chicago divorce lawyer.

Chicago divorce lawyer

The attorney also adds that if the husband or wife has not yet moved out of the house, the other spouse is not allowed to change the locks. One way to get one spouse out of the house is via an order of protection. An order of protection does not have an effect on who would own the property at the end of the divorce.

In the article, attorney Knight adds that in all his years of experience, he has found that the courts almost always believe the accuser. The statute instructs the judge to believe the accuser, too. A spouse may be able to kick the other spouse out of the house upon almost any accusation. However, they may be required to pay for the hotel room until the divorce is completed. If an order of protection is granted, then the spouse staying at the home may be able to change the locks.

Attorney Russell Knight also explains that orders of protection are very serious. It is basically asking the courts to throw the other spouse out of the house and into jail even if they just ring the doorbell. Instead of asking for an order of protection, a spouse may ask for a stay-away order instead.

Lastly, the divorce attorney emphasizes the importance of having a skilled legal representative when it comes to matters like a spouse changing the locks without letting the other spouse know. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the client understand and protect their rights.

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