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Chicago Dental Solutions Providing High-quality Dental Care and Restoring Smiles Using the Latest Technology

CHICAGO – June 8, 2021 – Doctor Nihal Bicakci, B.D.S, D.D.S., and Dr. Hirant Bicakci, B.D.S., D.D.S. work diligently to transform lives at Chicago Dental Solutions. They touch hearts and create smiles that are in seamless harmony with every face with minimally invasive dentistry. Chicago Dental Solutions provides the highest quality dental experience to its patients. According to the American Dental Association, over 3,500 prosthodontists are practicing in the United States. Dr. Nihal and Hirant Bicakci are among the very few renowned prosthodontists in Chicago. Their team possesses the skill, expertise, craft, and experience to provide the best to their patients in three different locations in Chicago.

Drs. Bicakcis are experts in their field and adept in their craft, having experience of more than 20 years in providing dental implant, restorative, and reconstructive dental services for their patients. Prosthodontics is the only branch of dentistry that specializes both in the placement and restoration of dental implants. Dr. Hirant Bicakci is highly skilled in the surgical aspect of prosthodontics, and Dr. Nihal is an expert in porcelain veneers and the restoration of teeth. Chicago Dental Solutions is indeed one place that provides all dental procedures with the utmost care, expertise, and skill to their patients.

Dr. Nihal Bicakci and Dr. Hirant Bicakci are passionate and driven by their strong sense of commitment towards the community. Being highly qualified, experienced, and sincere, they are ardent in their desire to educate people about oral health and spread awareness about the need for oral hygiene. Dr. Nihal’s trip to The Gambia in December 2017 with Mouth Peace International is a testimony to her passion and dedication. She worked tirelessly to provide dental services to the needy and educate people of underserved areas regarding the significance of maintaining oral hygiene.

Chicago Dental Solutions creates healthy smiles, smiles that form an essential part of identity and represent a sense of self-worth and confidence. They do not just craft a smile but empower the person. They go beyond the physical and esthetic levels by touching lives and bringing out an individual’s self-confidence and inner beauty to the forefront. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that cover the front surface of the teeth and transform their appearance, including their shape, size, color, and position. However, the idea is not to create a perfect smile that is unreal, but a smile that best suits each person’s face because every person is unique in their own right. Chicago Dental Solutions believe in creating a smile that is hand custom-made for every individual. The minimally invasive dentistry practiced at Chicago Dental Solutions reshapes and reforms smiles in a manner that enhances the facial harmony of an individual and brings out their best versions.

Chicago Dental Solutions is proud and exhilarated to announce that Dr. Nihal’s dream of the spotless white dental clinic at Water Tower Place is becoming a reality by the end of 2021, with the renovation of the clinic finishing soon. Chicago Dental Solutions is indeed fully equipped with the latest and most up-to-date technology. They take pride in following the latest technologies, including digital intraoral scans, x-rays, and at all three locations the 3D imaging. They practice highly accurate visualization and observe direct visibility of surgical conditions for their patient’s safety. “The dentists here are very advanced technologically. They are always up-to-date with all the dental procedures. They are the most skilled out of all the dentists I have visited in my life. I have never been more satisfied with the outcome. I always get the desired outcome.”, says one of the patients who is all praises for Chicago Dental Solutions. It is one among the many such comments and opinions expressed for the professionalism and competence of Dr. Bicakcis’ team.

About the Office:

Chicago Dental Solutions, founded in 2010, focuses on providing its patients with the highest quality dental services at three different locations in Chicago, IL. The team of prosthodontists and dentists at Chicago Dental Solutions are skilled in providing All-on-4 dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, and dentures. Chicago Dental Solutions believes in providing healthy smiles and offering the best dental services to its patients because one’s oral health is directly associated with his/her overall health and well-being.


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