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Celemics signs an agreement to supply BTSeq™ to Sangon Biotech Co., a Chinese genetic analysis company

October 28, 2021 – Seoul, Korea – Celemics, Inc. (CEO Young-hoon Lee, Hyo-ki Kim /, an NGS-based sequencing solution and bioinformatics tech company, announced on the 28th that it has signed an annual supply agreement of BTSeq™ (Barcode-Tagged Sequencing) with Sangon Biotech Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai, China.

Sangon, which successfully signed a supply agreement this time, operates 12 subsidiaries throughout China, including in Nanjing and Qingdao, with the main focus on its headquarters in Shanghai. With annual sales of 164 billion KRW ($ 140.3 million) in 2020, it is considered one of the most important Sanger Sequencing companies along with Tsingke and BGI. After signing the first global BTSeq™ supply agreement with Tsingke in July, Celemics signed the second global supply agreement in three months, securing two top Chinese genetic analysis companies as customers, and solidified its position in China’s NGS market.

In this annual supply agreement, the minimum supply quantity is 100,000 reactions (rxn), and provides both Celemics’s BTSeq™ kits and bioinformatics software to various service fields operated by Sangon. It was arranged in a short period as it was determined that the technical skills and commercial value of BTSeq™ were in line with the future strategic direction of Sangon to expand with a high value-added business such as NGS. A company official explained that as BTSeq™ can be applied to various application fields, it can also be used to not only develop high value-added NGS application developments, but also replace Sanger sequencing in the existing flagship businesses.

Sangon CEO Wang Gye-song (王啓松) said, “After we set the business direction by expanding high value-added applications, we expect that our new strategy will gain momentum through BTSeq™’s wide scalability.”

Young-hoon Lee, co-CEO of Celemics, said, “Even when the schedule was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fact that the contract with Tsingke was executed through extensive verification procedures serves as a good reference and is receiving a lot of attention from customers. While promoting BTSeq™’s overseas expansion, we have prioritized the Chinese NGS market, which has the highest global growth potential. I’m glad we had great results. We will do our best to secure our position in other Asian, and Middle Eastern, and European countries as well.”

About Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a technology that divides a genome into several thousands or millions of pieces, then utilizes the sequences obtained from simultaneously reading those DNA fragments for clinical diagnostic purposes.

About BTSeq™ (Barcode-Tagged Sequencing)

Unlike existing sequencing methods, BTSeq™ places no restrictions on the shape or length of the DNA sample to be analyzed, and it is a self-developed technology that reduces costs and improves accuracy by simplifying the procedure required for NGS-based DNA analysis.

About Sanger Sequencing

Developed by British biochemist Frederick Sanger (1918-2013) in 1975, Sanger sequencing is currently the most widely used sequencing method. Based on the DNA polymerase reaction that occurs during DNA replication, it is a method of individually reading the process of binding complementary bases paired to a template DNA sequence to a new DNA strand during replication. In recent years, large-scale automated genome analysis has been replaced by “NGS” methods which offer greater economical-efficiency and accuracy.

About Celemics

Founded in 2010, Celemics is a biomaterial technology company based in South Korea that has developed a wide range of innovative biomaterials and sequencing methods based on its proprietary Massively Separated and Sequence Identified Cloning (MSSIC™) technology for use in the medical, pharmaceutical, microbiome, synthetic biology, and breeding fields. The company has been listed on the KOSDAQ market since August 2020, and has also developed technologies such as Barcode-Tagged Sequencing (BTSeq™), a novel sequencing methodology established as a high-quality alternative to Sanger Sequencing, and TrueRepertoire™, which aims to help vaccine developers accelerate antibody excavation. Celemics is currently the only NGS-based Target Capture Kit manufacturer in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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