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CBIC Announces Solutions to Accelerate Canada’s Growing Blockchain Industry

Canada Blockchain Innovation Centre (CBIC) Press Release

CBIC Chairman Yao Liu Spoke
CBIC Chairman Yao Liu Spoke

Canada Blockchain Innovation Centre (CBIC) Press Release

Markham City Councillor Alan Ho Spoke
Markham City Councillor Alan Ho Spoke

Toronto, ON, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canada Blockchain Innovation Center (CBIC) announced new support and development opportunities to help Canadian businesses prepare for and capitalize on blockchain technology. The announcement was made on May 4, 2022, at CBIC’s press conference, held in Markham, Ontario. 

CBIC is a non-profit facility offering various blockchain support services for Canadian businesses, including research, development, integrated applications, and incubation for Canadian blockchain projects. 

In attendance were CBIC Chairman Yao Liu, CEO Tony Wang, Markham City Councillor Alan Ho, IF CAPITAL partner Bofeng Ding, Noah Digital Chairman Dr. Bin Tang and President Lena Xu, along with other distinguished guests attended the conference.

Ho stated that Markham is the high-tech capital of Canada and is thus always eager to welcome innovative high-tech projects to the city.

During the conference, CBIC presented the practicability and significance of blockchain technology, including improved security, increased speed and reduced costs for businesses. Liu stated that blockchain technology offers numerous application scenarios, and companies will get the support they need to benefit.

“Through CBIC’s insight and experience with blockchain technology, we can help businesses with everything from research and resources to talent acquisition,” Liu said. “The incubation of new projects will create greater value for the businesses involved.”

Ding added that blockchain, as the infrastructure of the next generation of the Internet, brings us far greater opportunities than we’ve even yet conceived of. He said that the emergence of the concept of the meta-universe also promotes the emergence of new economies, which shows the great progress and transcendence humanity has achieved.


About CBIC

CBIC is a non-profit centre established to assist Canadian businesses looking to encompass blockchain technology. Its goal is to build Canada’s economy through blockchain technology and maximize profits for the corporations it will support.

Businesses interested in exploring or implementing blockchain technology may contact Mr. Tony Wang at [email protected]


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