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Captivating Listeners with Rich and Melodic Dance, Jazz, and Pop Music: Eclectic Artist Melike Amjarv Driven to Amaze

Captivating Listeners with Rich and Melodic Dance, Jazz, and Pop Music: Eclectic Artist Melike Amjarv Driven to Amaze
Composing original musical compositions that stand out in every aspect- be it rhythms, vocals, or mixing, dynamic artist Melike Amjarv, coupled with co-artists David Vasquez and Jeff Lewis, is on the right track towards success.

A cross-over singer-songwriter and producer, Melike Amjarv is set to become the stirring new face of Dance, Jazz, and Pop music. From musical compositions that exude a funky vibe, such as the singles, “Pentamental” or “Five Wheels”, to Pop-Rock compositions such as “Every Time”, “Evergreen”, and “Summer Love”, the dynamic artist offers a rich set of talents to listeners of Pop and Jazz music. In contrast, her singles “Confusion”, “Hyperion” and “Independent Woman” offer a more distinct, empowered and upbeat dance vibe.

A unique and talented artist, Melike’s music encompasses a range of beautiful and magnetic musical styles, all rooted within her positive outlook and optimistic persona. Coupled with the sheer talent and complementary style of her companions, David Vasquez and Jeff Lewis, who together form ‘Moonlight Studios’, the artist aims to continue composing original compositions that stand out in their melodic values.

A collective effort, Melike Amjarv’s musical compositions involve David Vasquez’s background vocals, Jeff Lewis’ horns, trumpets, trombones and harmonies, and her own talent, melded and married seamlessly. Working together since September 2020, the trio has crafted more than 30 original singles, recorded, mixed and mastered in less than a year.

“I will sing many versions of verses and choruses, and then we pick the ones we both like. We assemble together a primary melody with all verses, choruses and a bridge,” says Melike regarding her vibrant musical process.

Going strong and on the route to release more songs, the artist is already engrossed in crafting her 33rd single, which is at mixing stages. The 34th single is already set to start. With her co-artists and collaborators, they continue adapting and growing their craft, while also being inspired by the little things in life.

Listen to Melike Amjarv’s music through her website:, or stream her singles on her official music pages on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Weezer, or at the website. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through email.


An inspiring and empowering singer, songwriter, and producer, Melike Amjarv is a true multi-genre icon. Complemented by the musical talents, skills, and styles of her collaborators, the dynamic artist aims to craft unique musical compositions that fortify her position in the world of Pop. Apart from working on upcoming releases in the pipeline, the artist also aims to put together a music and arts festival on Hyperion Bridge, in Los Angeles between Silverlake and Atwater on Sunday, April 24, 2022. Melike hopes to mark an end to the world of pandemic lockdowns and isolations, through a family-oriented event, which can be enjoyed by all ages.



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Phone: 800-983-1362
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States

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