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Capital INU introduces a Farming-as-a-service project, all set to redefine Defi 3.0

Capital INU team will do the hard work farming Defi for its $INC holders.

Capital INU (INC), a leading Defi 3.0 project, is a team of experienced crypto investors and crypto traders that are truly redefining this space. It offers its users a stable and profitable method of earning a portion of the yield gained from Defi farming. The team understands the complexity involved in farming and hence, offers the best-in-class service to its investors where all they have to do is hold the $INC token and benefit from the unique tokenomics and yield dividends, the rest is taken care of by a team of expert farmers. Investors earn value in the form of token reflections, ETH reflections, eth dividends from the farming, and token appreciation.  

“Defi 3.0, also known as farming-as-a-service or investing-as-a-service is a novel concept wherein experienced farmers yield farm through the power of collective capital on a scale, and activity level, beyond the limits of an individual. The Inu Capital team farm across Defi on the investors’ behalf and return the yield through a unique mix of reflections and dividends using a dashboard. “As soon as investors hold $INC they are eligible to start benefiting from the unique tokenomics.” Said Alger Regla (Founder), Capital Inu.  

DeFi yield farming offers great returns/high APY, but it is complex, time-intensive and just like any other investment, comes with risk. To understand the complexity and the different farming strategies and risk associated with them, it is imperative to invest time into building the knowledge set required, but there is still a chance of losing the investment during trial and error.    

“Through INC token, we aim to provide investors exposure into DeFi yield farming and other crypto investment avenues. We want to help people who are enthusiastic about investing in yield farming but lack the knowledge of the desired skill set to make profitable choices. We are committed to becoming a trusted one-stop shop to the bounties of Defi for our holders.” Alger added.  

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Company Name: Capital Inu
Contact Person: Alger Regla
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Country: United States

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