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Can Being A Former Athlete Give An Advantage In Business? Award Winning Businessman, Speaker, & Author Angel Carmona Believes So In His Book “Boxer To Businessman”

Based on a true story, this book reveals how the discipline of being an athlete can help anyone achieve success as an entrepreneur

From being a professional boxer to a successful businessman, Angel Carmona continues to be an inspiration to many, especially athletes, for his dedication, determination, and discipline toward his goals. Through Boxer To Businessman; Angel tells his incredible story of resiliency – how he was able to find success in business and increase his wealth to live an extraordinary life. Traveling the world, inspiring and enlightening people on the power of self education and mentorship.

In his book, Angel shares how he took boxing principles he learned growing up, and applied them in the business world. He is certain that anyone with an athletic background, has an advantage most people lack in the real world. And the same winning principles can be used for a guaranteed and thriving life. One of the learnings he touches on, is the importance of commitment as one’s bread and butter for long-term success: “Motivation and inspiration will only get you started. It is determination and discipline that will keep you going.”

Readers will also discover the learnable traits that can help them grab any opportunity that comes their way, the secrets to making the right choices and how they can lead to a life of fulfillment, as well as the positive effects of discipline that can be applied to everyday life. Not to mention, the impact your associations & environment have on your future.

Boxer To Businessman challenges the thinking that all entrepreneurs ever think about is making money. Instead, it reveals that the first thing successful entrepreneurs adopt in their journey is the proper mindset. Since ultimately, your money will meet you where your mentality is at. According to Angel, “Once the mind is stretched by an idea or thought, it will never go back to its original dimensions.”

Angel truly believes that most people are wired for success but programmed for failure. His advice? Stop taking constructive criticism from people who’ve never constructed anything. Having the right rules and mentors are the first step to attaining a life of success and wealth.

Boxer To Businessman is the perfect book for anyone who is committed to putting aside their fears, learning from their wrong choices, and building a successful life. As he marks the first anniversary of writing his book this July, Angel has donated dozens of books to at-risk teens and to those less fortunate.

Keep the dream alive and the income flooding in with Boxer To Businessman – now available globally on all platforms and in audiobook version as well. Check it out on Amazon for more information.

For those who want to reprogram their mindset, Angel also has an inspirational album called The Paradigm Shift, which is currently available for free on all streaming platforms.

To stay connected with Angel & all his upcoming projects, content, or speaking engagements, add him on all social media platforms @IamAngelCarmona.

About Angel Carmona

Angel Carmona is a world-renowned speaker, author and businessman. Over the past decade, he has traveled all over the world and spoken to hundreds of thousands of people about his story on how he went from being a former pro athlete to a successful businessman. He has equipped and empowered thousands of his students with the proper mindset to overcome mental barriers and take high-level action towards their goals in different creative and innovative ways. He truly believes that anyone can change their life, if they first change their mindset. They just need the right coach to stretch them outside of their comfort zone.

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