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Businessly: The Place To Get Critical Business Help and Only Pay if the Outcome Is Successful is a Platform that Allow Businesses to Connect with Worldwide Top-Tier Consultants

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2022 / Businessly, the London-based company founded in 2021 by James White, is changing the business consulting game by offering business owners a straightforward way to connect with the right professionals.

When it comes to small and medium business owners, sustaining growth and their profit levels and margins can become the dealbreaker between staying in or out of business. And often, those owners have a very particular mindset. They feel compelled to do everything independently without resorting to external help. And one of the many reasons for that behaviour or attitude is that finding a perfect-fitting consultant can feel like an impossible task. The topics at hand are extremely confidential and highly sensitive, and the margin for error can be close to zero. But that shouldn’t stop a business owner from resorting to that much-needed help.

Having gone through that paradigm himself, James thought that if using technology to make the finding process more accessible and ensure an almost-perfect match between the business needs, and what a particular consultant can bring to the table through his skill set and experience, it would be a new paradigm-an easier, more efficient one.

Not all business owners handle impossible tasks or have life-threatening issues. Some require simple things, although they may need specialised expert hands. From a website redesign, a professional social media plan, and converting sales funnel to a project strategy consultant, thanks to Businessly, it’s now possible to find the right one for any situation and get excellent results.

It is amazing that this platform can make a huge difference in how businesses get the support they require and address any skills gap creating problems in their business. Many who have used our platform reported that they were able to focus on running their business and make better use of their time devising better strategies for improving their bottom line.” said Martin Davis the Co-Founder of Businessly.

By offering business owners the opportunity to engage with consultants and contractors in a project-based setting, they can avoid making substantial long-term commitments before even testing the provider’s quality. However, business owners can also engage with them on commission-based, short-term different projects, single long-term projects, and other convenient structures.

Even though all professionals on Businessly are top-tier, vetted experts in their respective fields, it doesn’t strictly mean that anyone will perfectly match any business. To guarantee the best match possible, business owners connect with a consultant at for a consultation and explain what they need help with if the call is successful Businessly connects businesses with the right consultants.

“Many business owners, especially small- and mid-sized enterprises, often have this mindset that they need to do everything on their own or assign tasks and projects to their current employees even if they already have their hands full. The thing is, if you are a business owner, you can’t be good at everything. Also, the problem with giving employees more jobs than they can handle can cause their productivity and motivation to decline, leading to subpar results. Surely, that is the last thing you want to happen.” Said Martin Davis

About Businessly:

Businessly is a London-based company created in 2021 by James White that specialises in connecting business owners with top-tier consultants worldwide through their proprietary platform. The platform also lists contractors for a typical small or medium enterprise for almost any skill, service, or task. What makes Businessly unique is that businesses only pay for successful delivery.

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