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BUSD Buffet Disrupts DeFi with their BBFT Kitchen. Pre-Sale Sold out in seconds.

BUSD Buffet (BBFT) is a Binance Smart Chain Token Backed by a Solid Utility, BBFT Kitchen, Making it One of the Best Cryptocurrency Tokens Launched in 2022

Midland, MI, United StatesWith over 10,000 coins and tokens in the crypto space as of 2022, the market is continuously bombarded with new entrants. Out of these thousands of crypto projects, only a tiny fraction are backed by real utility, giving them the potential to make it big. BUSD Buffet (BBFT) is among the handful of cryptocurrencies with an explosive growth potential due to its revolutionary BBFT Kitchen (BKIT) concept. The token has already seen phenomenal success with its whitelist ICO on Pinksale on 11th February 2022, accumulating 500 Binance Coins (BNB) from over 180 contributors.

BUSD Buffet is a Binance Smart Chain reward token that aims to solve one of the significant problems most reward tokens face; decline in growth and rewards when volume lags. BUSD Buffet will leverage its primary utility, BBFT Kitchen, to avoid this, ensuring there’s an uninterrupted reward supply to its holders with further growth. The BBFT Kitchen has two main functions: providing BUSD rewards and increasing token value via buy back and burn.

The BBFT Kitchen will leverage its BKIT Fund to purchase and hold other tokens like EverGrow Coin, Scrooge, Reflex Finance, Hodl4Gold, Ethereum, and several more, ensuring holders don’t solely rely on BBFT’s volume. The initial funding of the BKIT Fund was carried out via Private Sale and Pre-Sale. Furthermore, it will receive a portion of every buy, sell and transfer of BBFT to sustain the funding pool. Once the pool reaches a set amount, it’ll automatically purchase and add tokens to its portfolio using the BBFT Return Rating (BRR). BRR is BBFT’s proprietary system that ranks tokens based on return potential. The BBFT team plans to add a voting system in the future, ensuring the involvement of BBFT holders in the sale/purchase of tokens. The BKIT had over $200,000 USD worth of assets after launch weekend.

Buy back and burn is the BBFT Kitchen’s primary function. BBFT Kitchen will sell 20% of its held tokens to buy BBFT and immediately burn it, decreasing BBFT’s circulating supply and boosting its value. Both the BUSD rewards and buy back and burn functions are a part of the BKIT Distribution Event (BDE) that’ll take place once every week. During BDE, 100% of the BUSD earned by the BKIT will be distributed among holders in proportion to their BBFT holdings. This is all on top of the lucrative 10% BUSD rewards that are constantly being generated from the native BBFT token buys, sells and transfers.

Since launching, early investors have shown their intent towards the project, with a huge 31% of the total circulating supply being staked and essentially ruling those tokens ‘not for sale’. Staking was another feature that was rolled out just 2 hours after launch, enabling investors to earn more native token (BBFT) and BUSD rewards just for holding.

The team behind BUSD Buffet is also planning other initiatives that’ll complement its growth, including the Token Incubation Program (BTIP). The team will review, assess and handpick new crypto token projects with excellent potential and help them take off. They’ll list every token under incubation in the BBFT Kitchen for at least two weeks, allowing holders to get early access to new projects. They’ve laid out the entire roadmap on their website that includes all the major milestones the company aims to achieve.

To know more about BUSD Token, how it works, distribution numbers, or to purchase it, visit their website

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Company Name: BUSD Buffet
Contact Person: David Griffus (Chief Marketing Officer)
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Country: United States

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