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Building Smart Business Apps with PixelPlex’s Custom Development

Building custom apps helps businesses engage a larger target audience in a specific way, ensuring better engagement. PixelPlex is a custom solutions provider ready to successfully guide businesses through the custom development ropes.

(PRUnderground) May 19th, 2022

Businesses in all sectors and scales can benefit significantly from mobile apps. Some of the top benefits include enhanced customer interactions and reaching a broader target audience. Most people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, making them an ideal platform to reach and engage with clients. In addition, mobile apps allow businesses to offer existing customers more value by gamifying products using loyalty programs and making customer service more accessible. In addition, they help to open new revenue streams by allowing more ways to monetize products and services through features such as subscriptions.

However, all mobile applications aren’t equal, and PixelPlex recommends that businesses build custom mobile applications to get all the benefits of having an app. The process starts by engaging a competent custom mobile application development company to offer consultation and development guidance. At PixelPlex, businesses partner with more than 40 mobile application developers with an in-depth understanding of the app market and up to date with the ever-changing business trends. Only expert developers can help businesses choose platforms, best app features, and develop a robust, functional, and scalable mobile app specific to a client’s needs.

Whether a client requires Android, native iOS, or cross-platform apps, PixelPlex can help build custom mobile apps with a faster time to market, highly integratable apps with third-party applications and existing tech infrastructure. The development team takes the custom app development in four stages and ensures every phase is comprehensively sorted before moving to the next. These stages include the following:

  • Discovery and roadmap creation: Examining a specific business case, learning the priorities, and devising the best approach to reach the desired solution.
  • Prototyping: Showcasing user journey and in-app flow, designing the app’s look and feel, and building a Proof of Concept and Minimum Viable Product to check the app’s core functionality.
  • App development: Focusing attention on the best tools and frameworks to deliver flawless apps through front and backend engineering, building APIs, gateways, and content.
  • QA and Support: Testing to ensure everything is up to standards with manual and automated testing to check integrations, UI, and functionality.

B2B and B2C clients looking to build custom mobile apps and propel their business growth can reach out to PixelPlex through their website.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a software development company providing web and mobile business solutions through innovative tech, including IoT, AI, VR/AI, and blockchain.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex: an experienced blockchain development company with 7+ years of market presence. The company has successfully delivered 50+ blockchain projects, which managed to raise $500M+ worldwide.

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