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BruntWork is Number 1 For Hiring Virtual Assistants

There are several benefits to hiring a virtual assistant. These benefits include significantly reducing your labour costs, being able to get help 24/7, the ability to outsource tasks to a professional, access to a wide set of skills that you and/or your teammates might not possess, the option of getting help with a project the second you need it, and more.

BruntWork is one of the leading sites to hire virtual assistants. For many employees, the pandemic came with rapidly shifting expectations and blurred boundaries between home and the office. Admit that you’ve got to get up from a Zoom meeting to go to the toilet? Not a chance. Companies like BruntWork have enabled entrepreneurs to regain some precious time, increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

A distributed workforce means BruntWork are able to source the best talent, no matter the location. Their recruitment process is not limited to one single geographic location. They can scale clients up or down – fast. And all virtual assistants placed by BruntWork have fast internet, computer system to specification and redundancy infrastructure if their role requires (i.e. back-up internet provider).

Virtual assistants don’t need to be bottom of the barrel, despite being 80% cheaper than hiring locally. BruntWork source the highest caliber staff and pay fairly. They have an open communication policy between all staff and management – in many cases a flat structure that makes virtual assistants feel like they are part of the client’s team. BruntWork go above and beyond with Healthcare plans (dependent on the client) and general staff care. Staff stay for the long term and are looked after accordingly.

The Philippines boasts a 97% literacy rate, and 600,000 people graduate from university each year, twice the number of people that graduate from an Australian university for example. Thanks to exceptionally low living costs in the Philippines, staff and occupancy expenses combined are approximately 70% lower than in Australia and the US, companies can drastically reduce operational costs with BruntWork virtual assistants.

With close to 1,000 staff, BruntWork have deployed specialist teams across most operational functions including virtual assistants for ASX listed companies, telesales for both inbound and outbound campaigns, multi-channel customer support, data and analytics, digital marketing, digital content production, and web & app design.

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