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Bringing Headphones into the 21st Century: Dome Audio

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2022 / The fundamental design of headphones hasn’t changed since their invention in 1910. “The audio industry and the consumer market alike have been waiting more than a century for an innovation that they didn’t know they wanted,” says Dome Audio founder Ben White.

With the success of platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, music is now more portable than ever. Dome Audio thinks it’s time to evolve this technology that most people use every day. Their team of engineers and developers wants to change the way the world experiences sound.

Rethinking Headphones

One of the most significant limitations of conventional headphones and earbuds is providing a closed-ear listening experience. This fundamental constraint creates a disconnect from other people and the environment. It can be a significant barrier to hearing verbal and environmental cues and can even pose a risk to health and safety; audio isolation can increase a person’s risk of being struck by moving objects or vehicles.

To address this often overlooked issue, Dome Audio has created a proprietary line of cutting-edge headphones. They’ve optimized bone conduction technology to create full-fidelity. Dome’s triple-patented tech also provides an option for open-ear or closed-ear listening, and their unique “Dome Covers” gives customers the ability to interchange fashion accessories. This novel technology is disrupting the audio industry. Theirs is the first-ever product to combine 4D Surreal-Sound Fidelity, Bluetooth, Bone Conduction, and interchangeable noise isolation Dome Covers. They believe that their innovation is “The Future of Sound.”

Dome Audio headphones improve a multitude of problems presented by conventional headphones. They do not require cleaning of ear wax and prevent ear infections and ear cartilage discomfort. Dome’s open-ear design enables greater awareness of one’s environment and provides a healthy balance between streamed audio and external sounds.

Innovation with a Strong Foundation

Dome Audio Inc. was established in 2018. The company’s founder and IP developer, Ben White, is a longtime music industry veteran. His decades of experience as a professional musician, songwriter, producer, and engineer have afforded him invaluable insight into audio and sound fidelity. His partner, Tim Wright, who serves as the Chief Strategy Officer, is an NFL Super Bowl Champion and multifaceted entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Rutgers University with more than ten years of entrepreneurial experience.

Dome Audio reflects the core values and principles of its two founders. These include integrity, humility, gratitude, passion, relentless pursuit, innovation, and impact. These values and principles form the foundation and guiding philosophy of Dome Audio, and the team believes that their commitment to these ideals has been a driving force behind their success.

Dome’s business model reflects three key concepts. Brand Collaborations, by Dome’s proprietary technology; Scarcity Marketing, via strategic marketing campaigns and limited product “runs”; and eCommerce, via dropship distribution. Consumer demand will strategically and unconventionally stimulate via “Branding Themes,” which are campaigns premiering Dome headphones and limited edition Dome Covers and campaigns with other brand and collaborative partners.

The Future of Audio

With their headphones’ open-ear listening capability, Dome Audio aims to bring about a new era of connectivity and productivity. Whether it’s for public commuting and travel, remote work, homeschooling, collaborative work, or simply for leisure, the team wants to shed light on this new technology and the benefits it offers in everyday situations.

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“The Future Of Sound”

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