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Branding your Business through SEO

“A product can be quickly outdated but a successful brand is timeless.” Stephen King, Best-Selling Author

Branding, as one of the most important marketing tools, refers to the art of making a business brand reputable, popular and well-known for the targeted market audiences. There are many advantages associated with branding your business. We have listed a few, out of many, down here for you.

  • Branding your business can create an emotional relationship with your customers, so many loyal customers can be expected.

  • Branding your business makes your business different from all other competitors in the market.

  • Branding your business helps people to know what they can be expecting from your business.

  • Branding your business can make people memorize the good memories they have with a product and they will never forget.

  • Branding your business, if accompanied by quality products, increases the number of quality audiences and customers.

There are much more benefits associated with branding that make it a valuable asset for businesses, so for businesses, branding is an absolutely important task to be considered.

There are many techniques, tactics and best practices for branding in the marketing world. Marketing professionals apply different strategies, in order to increase brand awareness in the market that a particular business is operating. One of the most successful tools for branding which is widely used by market participants and digital marketing service providers around the globe, is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

How would SEO help your branding?

One of the most important goals in marketing is brand awareness. Brand awareness means making a brand name recognizable and memorable by more people in the targeted market. On top of that, the final goal of brand awareness is to make targeted audiences differentiate that particular brand with other competitors in the market, in terms of quality or any specific advantage the brand offers. SEO refers to the best practices and guidelines to get more traffic for a particular website and on some strategic keywords. The main goal of SEO is to direct more traffic into a website, so more people will be clicking and navigating through the website and get familiar with the business and the services and products on offer which is basically brand awareness.

SEO Branding

As going forward with your SEO plan, if being done by a professional SEO consultant, your website’s traffic increases and consequently you may expect an organic growth in your conversion rate. The conversion rate is basically the number of people who take an action, such as subscription, purchase, read through an article, etc. divided by the total number of visitors. The other interpretation of increasing in conversion rate is that your brand is being more popular, reputable and trustable. Furthermore, a professional SEO plan, if executed by persistence and consistency, will improve your brand name’s ranking on major search engines and in particular on Google. The higher your brand name stands on Google search result page, the more awareness will be created for your business. However, you need to keep in mind that for a proper SEO branding, you must do your best to keep your high rank on Google to create more trust and credibility and keeping your position on top of Google search result is far more difficult that reaching there.

SEO as a Multitask Approach

As outlined above, SEO is highly capable of improving brand awareness in the online market. On top of that, SEO improves users’ experience and makes them take action through your website. Furthermore, SEO can improve your website ranking on SERP, so more traffic, trust and credibility can be expected for your business and more importantly, SEO makes your business grow organically and constantly.

Branding and SEO go hand in hand

Now that we are fully aware of the importance of branding and SEO, we would like to have your attention on the fact that these two tasks are highly interconnected. Generally speaking, SEO can improve your brand name by pushing it to a higher position on Google search result page and branding and brand awareness can enhance your SEO performance by getting more users on your website. In other words, as your SEO progresses well, your brand name becomes more popular and trustworthy and simultaneously, as your brand gets more credit from users, your SEO performance improves even more! How good would that be?

Final words

As a business owner, you must pay high attention to branding and make your brand recognized and memorized by users. One of the most valuable strategies to do so is SEO. Even though there are many ways to improve your brand awareness, SEO is one the most rewarding and long lasting strategies for branding your business. However, you must pay high attention to the agency that you are working with, in order to avoid headaches that normally happen, when working with unregistered companies and freelancers. To help you with your journey for branding your business and improving your SEO performance, we would like to recommend you to work with one of the best SEO agencies in Dubai. Websima DMCC has been providing digital marketing services to happy clients for 20 years. They have very talented and experienced team members on board, so the clients can rest assured that their project will be completed at the highest quality possible. We would recommend you to ask for a free consultation meeting with Websima, so you can explain what you are after and they will be back to you with an offer that suits your needs and budget best. You can also check SEO Charges for different SEO Services to find out more.

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