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Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. Introduces M1200 large image Pad Printing Machine

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces The M1200 large image pad printing machine for printing images up to 130mm (5.1″).

Sep. 6, 2021 / PRZen / WOBURN, Mass. — Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces the Volta™ M1200 large image pad printing machine. The M1200 is a heavy-duty, industrial, one-color pad printing equipment for printing large images. This pad printing machine features a 140mm sealed ink cup for printing up to 130mm (5.1″) images and a robust pad compression capability.

The M1200 features:

  • 140mm (5.5″) sealed ink cup – print up to 5.1″ artwork.
  • Robust pad compression capability.
  • Quick release locking handles on pad and cup assemblies.
  • Adjustable print table – This enables the machine to handle 18″ tall parts.

Like all Volta™ pad printing machines, the M1200 is smooth, accurate, and repeatable. It is the perfect pad printing equipment to complement our Natron™ pad printing inks, including the TP Series hybrid pad printing ink for coated metals and plastics. The Volta™ M1200 1-color large image pad printing machine comes with a user-friendly touch control membrane, and a standard 2-year warranty.

It is the ideal pad printing equipment for industrial, automotive, medical, footwear, textile, promotional, and contract printing 1-color applications.

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