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Boston Industrial Solutions Inc. forms a strategic alliance with Pad Printing Consultants LLC to offer Pad printing training and consulting

Boston Industrial Solutions Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with Pad Printing Consultants LLC to offer Hands-on pad printing training and consulting services to OEMs and other printing organizations.

Feb. 8, 2022 / PRZen / WOBURN, Mass. — With a shared goal and target audience, Boston Industrial Solutions Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with Pad Printing Consultants LLC to offer Hands-on pad printing training and consulting services to OEMs, Injection molding companies, decorators, and other printing organizations.

This consulting and training service adds more value to customers, making them more effective and efficient printers. As OEMs, Manufacturing, and printing organizations hire new employees this service will ensure that new and existing employees have a thorough understanding of the pad printing system and related processes setting them up for long term success. In addition to training, performance audits and recommendations tailored to customers’ unique production environment and printing applications will be offered.

Key Areas of Pad Printing Consultants’ service will include the following:

  • Pad printing instruction from start to finish
  • Pad printing training for silicone products and recommendations for Boston Industrial Solutions pad printing supplies and equipment
  • Unique knowledge of pad printing operations, manufacturing adjustments, production efficiency and troubleshooting.
  • Proper ink transfer and its relationship with plate etch depth, ink/solvent mix and proper pad material
  • Choice of the right design of pads depending on the machine, artwork, and geometry of part/product
  • CAPA guidelines and implementation of custom protocols
  • Ways to minimize rejection rates, increase efficiency, and productivity

Customer Benefits of hands-on pad printing training

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Minimize rejection rates (cut production cost)
  • Increase throughput, management efficiency, profitability, and cycle time
  • Increase employee retention.

About Pad Printing Consultants LLC.

Pad Printing Consultants, the industry leader, with a proven track record of 35 years mastering all aspects of the pad printing process and production, and 25 years of experience working with pad printing silicone inks, has teamed up with Boston Industrial Solutions, a leading, global manufacturer of high-quality inks for pad, screen, and digital printing inks.

With our vast knowledge and background in the chemistry of inks, covalent bonding, geometry, and print pad durometer, along with Boston Industrial Solutions’ technological innovations will greatly enhance our ability to service customers across a much broader platform.

About Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is a global leading manufacturer of screen, digital, and pad printing inks as well as coatings for industrial, medical device, and graphical applications. Boston Industrial Solution’s knowledge of the market, research, and technological innovation is invaluable in this partnership with Pad Printing Consultants LLC with a goal to provide customers with excellent inks, services and technological innovations that are second to none.

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