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BNBCrowd creates a new buzz in the crypto market with its exclusive launch

BNBCrowd is a newly launched crypto platform with 100% legit Smart DeFi Contract in the market. BNB Crowd will make the Crypto Investment journey a whole new experience to cherish for its valuable investors.

The new day marks the beginning of new investments. With this, BNBCrowd is coming up to steal the limelight for the days to come.

Launching today, BNBCrowd has a versatile range of Crypto investment options available from where crypto-crazy investors choose. But before diving into the features of BNBCrowd, let’s understand a little more about 

They decentralized Financial Smart Contract. As said by Zak Ayesh, Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement being directly written into computer code. 

DeFi is a trustless application, meaning the applications are not controlled or hosted by a major party such as a bank or a government.

Decentralization allows everyone to avoid using intermediaries and connect people to people or people to information instead of first connecting people to institutions that can then connect them to something else. It also allows for fault tolerance: if one blockchain goes down, the entire system does not go down with it. Additionally, because there is no central source controlling the system, it is complicated to gain control, thus protecting against attack and collision resistance. Therefore, the importance of DeFi, as well as smart contracts, is only growing. a 100% legit Smart DeFi Contract (Decentralised Financial Contract) in the market. BNB Crowd has no backdoor and has a highly secure Contract, with the Auditing done by the most famous and trusted auditing company – Haze Crypto. 

With the following mentioned features, BNBCrowd is going to make the Crypto Investment journey for every crypto enthusiast a whole new experience to cherish:

– BNB ROI Project:

BNBCrowd understands the value of an investment, and thus, keeping this in mind, BNBCrowd is making sure that everyone gets a handsome value for Return of Investment, ranging from 9.6% to 21.42% daily.

– Every count matter:

Users can start investing from as minimum as 0.05 BNB, thus providing a brilliant opportunity to small investors to try their hand at the world of the Crypto-Investments.

– Uncompromised Security:

With “Nothing above Security,” everyone is cautious about security before making investments. BNBCrowd’s smart contract code is open and verified on B.S.C.Scan and is audited by the most famous and trusted audit company – HAZE CRYPTO.

Check Out the Audit Report by Haze Crypto for BNBCrowd:

– Earn Rewards while you Refer:

Why invest alone, when one can have his friends or family or colleagues along with them in the BNBCrowd, and guess what, they will be earning an exciting percentage of BNB rewards for each level of Referrals. So why wait! Refer more and earn more. Check out this link’s Dashboard section for more details on the Referral Scheme on

Start Investing – How to get started?

Now that BNBCrowd has so much to offer, investors must pull up their sleeves and follow the steps to start their investments right away:

1. Create a Wallet.

Download Metamask or Trustwallet and create a wallet. Add the Binance Smart Chain to the network.

More info:

2. Get BNB.

Buy BNB on exchange (i.e., Binance). Transfer BNB to their wallet address. BEP-20 address starts with “0x”.

3. Connect your Wallet.

At the top of the site, click “Connect Wallet” and confirm the action, after which one would see the numbers of their Wallet.

4. Make a Deposit.

Click on the “Deposit” button. In the window that opens, enter the amount they want to invest, click again on the “Deposit” button, and confirm the action.

5. Voila!!! Here are the Dividends.

Users have successfully created a Deposit! Now, he will receive the dividends every second, which he can withdraw whenever he wants by clicking on the “Withdraw” button. 

CHECK OUT MORE ABOUT BNBCROWD NOW and join the community on Telegram:

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