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Blog about Career Development, Job Search Advice, Skills and Leadership Development.

Blog about Career Development, Job Search Advice, Skills and Leadership Development.
HR How-To discusses topics such as organizational development, recruitment & selection, leadership skills development, Job search advice, HR-related opinions & stories, and HR product reviews such as books and HR SAAS products.

HR How-To is a blog that discusses HR-related issues and solutions; the blog mainly caters to job-seekers and HR professionals looking for HR-related advice and tips. Topics such as organizational development, recruitment & selection, Job search tips, general HR topics, and HR product reviews are discussed in great detail in this blog. 

Organizational Development How To 

Some examples of OD topics covered are the four-day workweek, hybrid work schedules, workplace romance, employee motivation, and recent trends such as quite-quitting and employee ghosting. 

Recruitment & Selection How To

For recruiters and talent advisors, recruitment & selection is another topic covered in detail in this blog; issues such as employer branding, great resignation, sourcing & headhunting best practices are covered in great detail. 

General HR How To

In the general category, we cover topics such as workplace burnout, six-figure jobs, tips on developing leadership skills, micromanagement, and best practices for developing HR documentation and setting up an HR department from the ground up. 

Job Search How To

This category is dedicated to those actively seeking new career opportunities and aspiring to climb the corporate ladder. Topics covered include career paths after high school, skillsets required to secure your dream job, job search tips and tricks, work-from-home jobs, interviewing tips and advice, and resume formatting best practices.

Purpose of HR How To

we believe that our moral obligation is to share what we have learned from trials and tribulations. Each blog post includes a problem we faced and discusses the solutions we found. This blog will give you expert insight into the latest HR-related challenges facing workers today. 

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