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Blockchain And Biometric: The Future of Identity

Blockchain has been gaining traction as a promising technology that has the potential to completely transform the data security landscape in the future years, especially for data access across the Internet of Things and cloud servers. However, while the blockchain system secures the data, it does not indicate who owns it or uses it. In this study, they proposed a protocol called Biometric Blockchain (BBC) that explicitly incorporates biometric cues of persons to identify the authors and users in a blockchain-based system, primarily to address the growing demand to secure food logistics. The benefit of using BBC in food logistics is obvious: it can not only determine whether or not data or labels are accurate, but it can also track who is responsible for the secured data or labels. As a result, a BBC-based solution can make it easier to manage the hazards associated with food logistics, such as falsified meals or incorrect gradient labeling.

The BBC is no stranger to James Pelton, a software developer, and current crypto expert. Pelton published a video on YouTube in which he explains the BBC and how useful it is for people all around the world in terms of security. Pelton is a big fan of good, long-term bets. Finnovant’s BioFi is one project that he is particularly enthusiastic about because of the potential for long-term generational riches. It is based on biometrics, unique characteristics of each individual’s identity such as fingerprints and eye or facial recognition. The idea is to combine biometrics with data, which is then stored and encrypted on the blockchain. The data belongs to the people. It is, in essence, a utility token that may be used to secure a collection of solutions. It also makes use of blockchain technology and decentralized services. This is at the heart of many people’s concerns about personal information security and remaining protected from fraudsters. There are many possibilities with BioFi, and it has the potential to transform people’s lives in a variety of ways. For example, passwords may be phased out in the future, with biometrics taking their place. Through his YouTube channel and Twitter account @JamePelton18, James is continuously doing his best to educate people about cryptocurrency.

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