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Berlinger Haus Announces Brand New Direct-to-Consumer E-commerce Shop for 2021

NEW YORK – July 2, 2021 – (

Berlinger Haus has announced the launch of a new direct-to-consumer e-commerce shop for the North American market designed to showcase the brand’s expertise in providing high-end, European-designed kitchenware at affordable prices.

The new online shopping platform is streamlined and allows customers to browse Berlinger Haus’ catalog of fine cookware products using an attractive and contemporary interface. 

“Our intention is to introduce a truly robust, European-designed lineup of cookware at a reasonable price in the North American markets,” said Natalia Lagunova, Berlinger Haus North America CFO.

The expanded website includes tips and tricks as well as other resources that allow consumers to become their best culinary selves. These sections will be updated over time to include more content to help facilitate the continued development of discerning home cooks and professional chefs. 

“It is our intention to add further value to the Berlinger Haus shopping experience by delivering informative and educational content, as well as excellent cookware at a reasonable price,” explained Lagunova.

Berlinger Haus sells top-quality products made from premium-grade materials while using high-end construction techniques and technologies. Products sold by the kitchenware retailer include advanced features such as Turbo Induction Base, three-layer marble coating, and an Eternal coating that enhances strength and promotes non-scratch long-term resistance to damage. 

The European cookware brand even offers uniquely colored collections that let users customize their kitchens in their favorite colors. 

Berlinger Haus cookware continues to abide by eco-friendly standards and practices for an environmentally conscious age. 

All Berlinger Haus products are developed by in-house designers operating out of its European office. As it continues to work with major businesses and retailers in over 40 countries around the globe, the brand’s North American focus remains fixed on introducing their upmarket products at a reasonable price. 

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Berlinger Haus Announces Brand New Direct-to-Consumer E-commerce Shop for 2021

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