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Behold Fidance: The Ultimate NFT Dance Game is Set to Unleash its Players’ Inner Dancers in 2023

Fidance, the latest NFT dance game, is going to be released in Q2/2023. With this exciting new play-to-earn NFT game, players will participate in spectacular metaverse dance-offs and dance to their heart’s content, while having endless possibilities to win rewards. From the greatest classics to chart-topping hits, Fidance provides its players with all the tracks to have fun with their friends and earn valuable NFT assets at the same time.

The rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is paving the way for the metaverse. These innovations in the virtual tech space are bringing incredible changes in the real world as well, from work life and education to entertainment. Yet, one of the biggest revolutions people are witnessing is the inclusion of NFTs into the gaming industry.

Enthusiasts from all around the world have been receptive to play-to-earn NFT games since these games are more entertaining, provide a more personalized gaming experience, and allow them to earn in-game rewards and assets with real-world value. Due to the earning potential of NFT games, many players are using these games as an alternative means of employment, along with entertainment.

Ramping up the Gaming Industry

Online video games provide players with a way to spend their free time playing exciting games and win rewards and in-game goods. Players even invest their money to purchase items, collectibles, skins, and more. But the problem is that those goods and rewards have no value in the real world. Plus! Players have no rights or ownership over those assets, only game developers have all the rights.

Now, with NFTs in the play-to-earn games, players can earn rewards and NFT assets that can not only be traded but also have real-world value. This has made NFT gaming a fun way to earn for the players. Moreover, NFT games like Fidance ensure that players have the rights and ownerships of trading and selling their unique in-game assets, preceding the authority of game developers.

Fidance to Rock the Players’ (Virtual and Real) World

Fidance is a play-to-earn NFT blockchain dance game on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) in the Metaverse. This fantastic new game will allow players to invest their money, participate in metaverse dance challenges, own assets, purchase NFTs, and much more.

The Android and iOS versions of Fidance will be available by Q2/2023. And the first impressions of this NFT dance game will be offered to Fidance Crypto Player holders. Fidance is set to enter the metaverse with a maximum supply on 1,000,000,000,000 $FDC. Soon players will be able to purchase $FDC tokens on Pancake Swap and the in-house Fidance Swap. All information about Fidance is available on the Fidance whitepaper.

Using the $FDC token, players can buy assets and play unlimited dance games to win more $FDC tokens and valuable NFT assets. With music from all popular music genres like Pop, Hip Hop, and more, players will dance as they have never danced before and show off their killer dance moves. There are simply no limits to growth on Fidance.

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