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Bedding Manufacturer JHT‘s new brand Green Ocean for Recycled Products

Bedding Manufacturer JHT‘s new brand Green Ocean for Recycled Products
With JHT‘s new brand Green Ocean, they are committed to making products with recycled bottles as a response to ocean protection.

Plastic waste pollution has become threatening not only to the ecosystem of the land but also to the ocean. A series of shocking numbers as below has raised our awareness about ocean pollution.

– Every year, there are 8 million tons of plastic flows into the ocean

– 1million seabirds die because of the ocean litter

– Sea pollution kills 100,000 marine mammals yearly.

If humans don’t take action now, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Protecting the ocean has become a global imperative. With JHT‘s new brand Green Ocean, they are committed to making products with recycled bottles as a response to ocean protection.

All the bottles used for Green Ocean Products come from a reliable source: “Plastic Bank”. Plastic Bank is globally recognized as one of the leading solutions to stop ocean plastic. With 558 collection points near the coastline, 22774790 kilos of plastic bottles have been recovered in Plastic Bank.

Supported by German Technology, recycled bottles can be made into high-quality fibers or yarns, which can be made into various products including pillows, mattress protectors, Duvet Covers, and so on.

Pillow: With covers made with Green Ocean knitted fabric, the filling material can be neither memory foam, latex, or other filling fibers. Machine washable cover, Easy care.

Mattress protector: Face fabric: Green Ocean knitted fabric, Filling material can be any other fibers. Machine washable & Easy care.

Duvet Cover: With Green Ocean base fabric, the Duvet cover can be printed or plain dyed printing or dyeing effect of which can be as good as what’s on fabrics made with original fibers. Good performance in colorfastness, Machine washable & Easy care.

One piece of Green Ocean quilt can consume 75 bottles. When the customers get one Green ocean quilt, they get together with 21000+ collectors who bring ocean-bound plastic.

Green Ocean products

Some may say it’s a drop in the ocean, but JHT is working on it. Because JHT cares about the future of the planet. To maximize the impact, JHT needs customers’ help. Join Green Ocean and dream of change as sleep with Green Ocean products.

JHT was founded in 1995 in Nanchang Jiangxi and then moved to Wuxi in 2006. With over 25 years of development in the industry, JHT has grown into a professional supplier manufacturing and sourcing on-trend and compliant home and apparel products.

JHT’s product range covers a variety of categories including comforters, pillows, mattress protectors, toppers, bed linen, nursery, cushions, licensed products, window coverings, kitchenware, cookware, lighting, and bathroom accessories, etc., which have been sold to Oceania, North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

JHT Wuxi manufacturing base covers an area of over 53000 square meters and has six workshops with the world’s leading equipment for various home textile products, which has passed ethical and technical audits of many global retailers. JHT has its own R&D team, embracing the latest fashion trends, technologies, and processes to create better products for customers.

With good teamwork and culture, quality customer service, and professional manufacturing capacity, JHT has become one of the most preferred suppliers in China for many overseas customers in the industry!

For more information about Green Ocean products, please feel free to contact JHT at [email protected] or visit

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Phone: +86-13812514645
City: Wuxi
State: Jiangsu
Country: China

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