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Beaverton Chiropractor Now Providing Chiropractic Treatments For Car Accident Injury

Beaverton, Oregon –

Beaverton, Oregon based True Potential Chiropractic is providing chiropractic treatments for those who are suffering from auto accident injuries. True Potential Chiropractic is dedicated to providing an award-winning, world-renowned healthcare delivery system that helps everyone in their community achieve long-term health and wellness. Learn more at the following link: Auto Injury Chiropractor Beaverton.

Dr. Bryen Bell from True Potential Chiropractic says, “Understandably, people who have been in auto accidents make sure they get their obvious injuries treated first. While getting medical attention first is very important, the unfortunate fact is many do not realize that a lot of issues caused by an accident are not immediately obvious, and not taking care of them in a timely manner can reduce your quality of life immensely.”

Car Accident Injury Chiropractor Beaverton

According to True Potential Chiropractic, hyperflexion/hyperextension injuries caused due to whiplash can last a lifetime if not diagnosed and corrected early on. How well a person’s body performs when they wake up every morning is determined by how well their doctor examines and treats their injury. Similarly, even those who suffer from concussions do not often know how concussions can have an impact on the neck area, especially in a hyperflexion/hyperextension injury. Expert chiropractors are able to perform regular concussion re-assessments to document improvement.

True Potential Chiropractic shares that assessing whiplash and how it damages the spine is not an easy task as there can be hidden injuries that may go unnoticed. This is why True Potential Chiropractic utilizes on-site digital X-ray technology and follows AMA guidelines in assessing ligament damage associated with whiplash. In addition, their studies are promptly studied and reviewed by their Chiropractic Physician as well as a Board Certified radiologist (DACBR). Results are then discussed in a personalized report of findings.

The chiropractic clinic also has Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) on staff who can help with healing muscles and scar tissue. All of the clinic’s LMTs are well trained and specialize in soft tissue injury rehabilitation, and they are able to write a prescription for the patients’ preferred LMT if requried.

Dr. Bell says, “If you are struggling with an injury caused by a car accident, whether it is new or old, our professionals can help. We have maintained our success by following the simple laws of alignment that chiropractic is well known for and ensuring that all of our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide.”

The services provided by True Potential Chiropractic have earned them universal praise from all their clients, leading to the Beaverton chiropractor boasting a perfect 5 out of 5 Star rating on the Google platform (from over 300 reviews). Riley W. writes in their review, “Dr. Bell and his team are amazing! Everyone there is so friendly, thorough, and the office is very clean. I have had issues with my neck and digestive system since 2014. In less than two months, Dr. Bell and Dr.Mennell have helped me feel better than I have in the last seven years. Highly recommend True Potential Chiropractic!”

Kacey H. says in her review, “I’m an acrobat who gets paid to perform and a dance teacher as well, so keeping my body able to move and pain free is vital. I came to the clinic four days out from a show in serious pain to the point I was not sure if he would be able to do it. I left with full range of motion restored and a significant reduction in pain. I was able to successfully complete the performance, and I can honestly say the treatment I received saved the day! I have seen many different chiropractic places, including one the same week before the show, and I couldn’t believe how much they’d missed! I cannot thank Bryen Bell and the team there enough for all the help in keeping me healthy and pursuing my dreams!”

Those who want to learn more about True Potential Chiropractic or their range of services should visit the chiropractic center’s website for more information. Interested parties can get in touch with True Potential Chiropractic or connect with Dr. Bryen Bell directly via phone or email. True Potential Chiropractic also maintains a social media presence; social media users can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Learn more about them at the following link: Car Accident Injury Chiropractor Beaverton.


For more information about True Potential Chiropractic, contact the company here:

True Potential Chiropractic
Dr. Bryen Bell
[email protected]
8283 SW Cirrus Drive
Bldg 15
Beaverton OR, 97008

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