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Beauty trends: hybrid eyebrows by Mily Ajo

Beauty trends: hybrid eyebrows by Mily Ajo

Mily Ajo – @Dermabless
Esthetician and royal artist Mily Ajo explains the hybrid brow trend and why it’s such a sought-after technique.

Getting the perfect eyebrows can be a challenging task for most women. Especially, individuals with oily skin can run into some complications while trying techniques like microblading. The artist, Mily Ajo, believes that the hybrid eyebrows technique is the perfect solution for these individuals. The hybrid technique provides the perfect balance between hair-to-hair and powder-effect eyebrows. 

The artist “Mily Ajo” is the owner and CEO of one of the largest spa and beauty centers in Miami, Florida. She is a certified artist and has years of experience under her belt. The customer response to her venture has been overwhelmingly positive. Now, she has come forward with an emerging technique to empower women and boost their confidence. 

According to Mily Ajo, many of her clients look for a mix between the powder and hair-to-hair technique. The hybrid technique offers just that and it provides the perfect shading effect for clients that prefer fuller eyebrows. The work process can last for around 3 hours. Depending upon the skin type of the clients, they have to get their eyebrows retouched after 6 weeks and maintained after every 1 or 2 years.

This technique works on every skin color and the results last longer when compared with other techniques. More and more women across the globe are choosing this technique for their eyebrows. For favorable results, the hybrid eyebrows technique should be performed by certified artists such as Mily Ajo CEO of Dermabless Spa in Miami Florida. Dermabless spa is known for its experienced artists that provide their clients with the best beauty experience in Florida. 

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