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Beautiful as YOU Is A Community That Cultivates Confidence In Christian Women

The ministry aims to help women see their significance, identity, and value through Biblical scripture. Negative thoughts and feelings are combated with the Word of God.

Jenny Kessel of Louisville, Kentucky, spent half her life feeling less than others. She was depressed, and it affected every aspect of her life. Her journey to loving herself in the unique way God created her to has been a long road. She learned that knowing joy, peace, and love comes by genuinely knowing God and His character. As she overcame her own self-doubt, she established Beautiful as YOU to help other women do the same.

Beautiful as YOU is a ministry that aims to help women realize their own value and develop a new appreciation for others. Through a growing community on Facebook and her forthcoming devotional and prayer journal, Kessel hopes to show women that God created them with intention and purpose.

“We are not accidentally here at this point in time wandering around aimlessly without true reason,” she said. “He gave us our hopes, dreams, and desires; He crafted carefully the way we look and sound. Our personality and idiosyncrasies are all designed marvelously by the one who loves you the most.”

Research shows that nearly 20 percent of women experience anxiety or depression. In addition, women tend to see a more significant repetition of negative thoughts than men, which leads to low self-esteem. Kessel strives to help women overcome these negative thoughts and see their significance, true identity, and value.


Devotional and Prayer Journal

To empower women to overcome negative self-talk, Kessel has developed a devotional and prayer journal that will be released in September. It is intended to guide women on their first step toward changing feelings of defeat, worthlessness, and hopelessness.

The Beautiful as YOU Devotional and Prayer Journal takes readers on a 21-day journey of transformation. In it, Kessel shares her personal struggles with self-image and negative self-talk and how learning God’s Word was the beginning of her healing process. Hers is a message of hope for those struggling to forgive past sins and silence their inner critic.

“Being vulnerable is both freeing and scary,” Kessel said. “I have opened myself up to the scary because I believe in the message God has for me to share. The nudge from the Holy Spirit on this is too big to ignore.”

The journal has five steps to complete each day. The first step is to read a Bible verse and identify a false belief about oneself. Step two is to read a short devotional, and step three is to say a prayer. 

Next, the goal is to replace the false belief with something positive. In step four, readers speak and write a new positive affirmation. Finally, in step five, women journal their thoughts and prayers using two prompts.

“I wanted to create something beautiful in every way,” Kessel said. “Most importantly, I want to inspire growth and change, an intentional way to experience God.”



Beautiful as YOU is a ministry for Christian women that aims to cultivate confidence and overcome negative thoughts. In addition to the forthcoming devotional and prayer journal, there are supportive communities on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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