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Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming Into The Future presents “Organic Revolution Event” Winter Eclipse Council Gathering

Who, when, and where is the “Organic Revolution Event” taking place?

Indigenous leaders, lightworkers, and Starseeds are coming together to celebrate the “Organic Revolution Winter Eclipse Council Gathering,” taking place December 4-7, 2021, in Carlsbad, California. 

It is the 3rd of eight annual Council gatherings initiated by Sabine Messner M.A., a visionary 5D Futurist, Branding Consultant, and Founder of Soul Purpose Wealth™. Sabine shares, “In December 2019, I was guided to host the first of eight annual Council meetings during the December Equinoxes. The reason why I decided to put such a stake to the ground is multifold. In eight years from 2019, in the year 2027, we will have concluded the utmost challenging astrological passage of Uranus transversing the House of Taurus, ruled by Venus. This astronomical, galactic, and planetary remodel process is of unprecedented proportions. Its ripple effect affects multiverses. This is known as the Great Awakening of the Milky Way.” 

Sabine Messner is the visionary of these Council Gatherings. 

These annual Council gatherings are a living, intelligent progression throughout the years. They mutually reflect and amplify deep soul insights and become shared gifts to all function as the Council we truly are if we permit ourselves. Sabine goes on to say:

“The purpose of these annual wisdom circles is to bring together spiritual thought leaders who align, year by year, with the highest evolutionary human potential as the planet Uranus moves through the house of Taurus, dramatically revolutionizing our material world and the entire human condition.” 

This era has long been prophesied as the Great Reset and the Great Awakening, both timelines marking the beginning of a new astrological age. Regardless of which side we’re on, it’s surely a windy, twisty road through the 4th-dimensional birthing canal. That’s why we have to reverse engineer the future if we don’t want to be caught up in history loops and backward trends. To make matters more interesting, there will be unbelievable breakdowns on all levels of our society and economy, and we will have to summon everything we have prepared for.

What is a Council Gathering, and what makes this time special?

A Council is an assembly of people meeting for discussion, consultation, and decision making. From a higher dimensional perspective, meeting in Council is how sovereign nations govern themselves and steward their evolution. The culture of constructive roundtable discussions is a lost art in our modern society.

Tata José Muñoz, Mayan Cosmologist, Galactic Timekeeper will co-host.

This year’s Council gathering is especially unique as it marks the celebration of the organic timeline choice honoring our human sovereignty. We are currently undergoing a dramatic timeline split in the human genome that separates the synthetic from the organic trajectories. While global masses are automatically enrolled into the synthetic timeline, select elders emphasize our human birthright for organic liberation and ascension. Both timelines are facing great unknowns.

Maya the Shaman will be one of the honorary guests at the event.

For thousands of years, indigenous elders have always joined forces during these potent eclipse seasons, bringing together oracles and seers from all parts of the lands to guide their respective communities in the following months. During a solar eclipse, the energetic patterns of the next three to five months are readily available and evident. This presents a tremendous manifestation opportunity to shift the collective into a higher timeline during these galactic portal openings. 

Who are the main people leading in this event?

Radhaa Nilia joins Sabine Messner, Maya The Shaman, a fourth-generation Lemurian Shaman, and Tata José Muñoz, a renowned Mayan Cosmologist, Galactic Timekeeper of the Six Sun Calendar, and founder of the Mayan Dreamcatcher remembrance project. This will also be an international gathering online where Sabine and Radhaa are delighted to co-create with other wisdom keepers from all over the world during this auspicious time. 

Radhaa curates collaborative books, such as the much anticipated “Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming Into the Future, Vol. 3″ to be released in Summer 2022, followed by Awakening Starseeds, Organic Revolution Vol. 4,” by the following year, 2023. Sabine Messner will co-author both books. Participants are invited to also co-author the forthcoming books with Radhaa Publishing House. You can send us an email at: [email protected].

How can someone join this event?

There are two ways to participate in the Council gathering for those on the organic timeline ready to activate their higher human blueprint. The easiest and most convenient way is the virtual participation option for the peak day of the Council gathering, which is Sunday, December 5. Each Council participant will have an opportunity to voice their highest intentions for 2022 and beyond. For additional integration support and knowledge exchange opportunities, there will be pre and post-event Council sessions. The Virtual Ticket option is $369, in honor of Tesla’s ‘secret to the Universe.’ Tickets can be found here:

What can participants expect during this event?

Ask yourselves this, what do we truly want to create? At the 2022 Council Retreat, we clarify and empower each other’s creations and celebrate our stellar magnificence. That’s why we come together, to Co-Create. Our timeless ceremony propels us forward, stabilizes us, activates our highest potential, and nurtures our souls deeply. It sets forth a positive, evolutionary ripple effect.

For those ready to deeply immerse themselves in numerous vibrational upgrades, Mayan Cosmology by Tata Jose, Human Design by Sabine, Lemurian Code Downloads by Maya the Shaman, Goddess Activations™ by Radhaa, along with other high vibrational frequency healing modalities, and so much more, the 3-day in-person retreat is the preferred option.

We selected a high-end yet cozy resort, where Council participants reside in luxurious villas, offering maximum comfort and relaxation. The in-person Council gathering starts Saturday, December 4, and ends Tuesday, December 7, 2021. In-person retreat tickets are priced reasonably to make this event an accessible soul highlight this holiday season. Grab tickets here:

How can someone sign up for this incredible event?

Aligned thought leaders and co-creators, contact, as there are only a few limited seats left.

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