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AvocadoCoin announces partnership with LANDIAN to drive agriculture 5.0 in the Metaverse

The Green Gold Project recognized for its first token AvocadoCoin (, has announced its partnership with LANDIAN ( a project proposing one of the easiest, cheapest, and most powerful Metaverse alternatives in the industry.

Landian is a metaverse built with the union of multiple state-of-the-art technologies, the NEAR protocol, the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, and lots of improvements and advancements in an era where everyone wants to be a part of or own within the metaverse.

Landian has its own token called $LNDA which allows users not only to buy products, lands, and services in the Metaverse but also gives them access to assets, restricted areas, passes to special events in both worlds, access to cafes in different cities of the real and virtual world and much more.

The Green Gold Project is a massive capital raising ecosystem using crypto assets as an investment instrument, the project is created to support and improve green initiatives that allow to take care of natural resources, improve food production, quality and reduce waste while tackling world hunger and releasing green and sustainable alternatives for the improvement of life on the planet.

AvocadoCoin is the first token of the Green Gold Project and is intended to place on the crypto market an instrument that allows holders of the token to support the enhancement of a billiondollar industry while sharing in the increased value of the token and industry royalties generated from the work and investments the token generates.

With this alliance, the Green Gold Project will have land within the Landian metaverse earmarked for learning and growing avocados for use inside and outside the metaverse.

Undoubtedly the union of AvocadoCoin with Landian will be one of the most powerful value propositions in a market that is growing in importance every day and is setting a global trend.

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