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Author Zoryana Golovata’s “See More” and “Money and Psychology” Projects Centered on Building Psychological Wealth and Mental Health

UKRAINE, KYIV and NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 24, 2021 / Zoryana Golavata, an executive coach, has implemented two projects named See More and Money & Psychology that revolve around improving psychological wealth and mental health. By working on these two core areas, the goal is to improve emotional and financial intelligence.

“See More” Project

The See More project is the ideal opportunity for people interested in self-awareness as it can help build their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is vital because it helps people become better family members, friends, and coworkers. Through this project, people can address any roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their desired goals. This project seeks to expand people’s worldview so that they can see possibilities that may have been hidden before.

“We live in a world, where we arrange our lives and deal with certain issues. Only constant work and development allows for successful results. And each solved problem brings us closer to success,” says Zoryana Golovata.

This project helps people learn how to manage their emotions constructively so it doesn’t overwhelm or encapsulate them. Along with the management of emotions, it teaches how to accept factors that are beyond our control.

“Money and Psychology” Project

“There are two topics that affect our lives whether we are interested in them or not: money and health have a special influence on a person.” – Zoryana Golovata.

The Money and Psychology project helps people develop a successful financial mindset that aids in developing financial abundance. There is a psychology behind wealth accumulation, and through this project, the aim is to help people develop the skills that get them to their dream outcome.

This training can help people in management roles analyze their complicated systems to make the best decisions for people in business, economics, and politics. Business owners can optimize their financial strategies. Politicians can strengthen the economic conditions in the country during times of great financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

This project benefits people on an individual basis as well. It provides insight for those who are looking to change their personal finances model.

Many people struggle with optimizing their money management skills, and this program can provide practical advice to fix those struggles.

About Zoryana Golavata

Zoryana Golavata is a leading expert with over 20 years of practical experience in the field of personal finance psychology and 12 years of teaching experience for training programs. She is the leader of the expert group in cognitive management that is affiliated with the Political Science Association.

She was the recipient of the honorable competition Socrates International Awards in the United Kingdom. Zoryana possesses certification of trainers in business, training programs for personal coaches where 18 schools were created.

She has an extensive area of expertise in the financial sphere (basic economic education: business management, banking) and scientific research in the field of psychology (emotional literacy, basic psychological foundations of personality development). Furthermore, she was the delegate of the UN Peace Week, Geneva, along with being the resident of the company “European Business Technologies”.

Her published work includes being the author of the article, “Behind the Scenes of Visible Victories”, “Double Standards”, “A System That Supports Business”, “Do You Have a Plan, Miss?”, “How to Manipulate Manipulators”.

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