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Author Nana Aba’s New Book ‘Stolen Heritage: Blood and Stones’ is a Captivating Novel That Uncovers Details About Race, Sex, Culture, Politics, and More

Recent release "Stolen Heritage: Blood and Stones" from Newman Springs Publishing author Nana Aba is the story of a woman named Asha, the daughter of a great king, who must return to her native land after his death, and her country's traditions challenge her in terrifying and fascinating ways.

NEW YORK – January 26, 2022 – (

Nana Aba, a Ghanaian native who was raised in the heart of Central Region, Ghana, before relocating to Erie, Pennsylvania, under the refugee program, has completed her new book “Stolen Heritage: Blood and Stones”: an inspirational and daring narrative that captures the resiliency of women and their ability to rise above stereotyping, pain, and betrayal. Aba was the first female child among three siblings and, thus, has spent her life in service of others above herself, including when she joined the military to show her devotion to her adoptive country. She has been writing as a way of personal escape since childhood and has finally surrendered to a persistent desire to author motivational stories.  

She begins her tale with a letter to Black women, writing, “Break down barriers, wear your wild Afro with pride, overcome boundaries, be as beautifully dark as you are, embrace your true self. Don’t let society’s stipulations and expectations get in your way of self-love and your success.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Aba’s highly inspiring and daring narrative captures the resiliency of women and their ability to rise above the loud noise of stereotyping, pain, and betrayal. It exposes the consistent identity crisis that confronts both Black men and women due to differences in ethical background and the varying contexts of geographical livelihood. 

As the story begins, an ancient prophecy threatens the customs of her land, and Asha’s gender places her survival in danger. As a result, she is sent away from her father’s palace. The death of her father, their king, left her country and people heartbroken and in despair. Her return home to bury him quickly begins to shift the course of traditions. 

Author Nana Aba writes with exceptional articulation and clarity in this novel, uncovering fascinating details about issues surrounding race and sex, culture and customs, leadership, politics, and much more. 

Readers who wish to experience this eye-opening work can purchase “Stolen Heritage: Blood and Stones” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732-243-8512.

About Newman Springs Publishing: 

Newman Springs Publishing is a full-service publishing house for serious authors. Each title produced by Newman Springs Publishing undergoes every step of the professional publishing process, including editing, layout, cover design, circulation, distribution, and publicity. All titles are made available in both eBook and print formats. Newman Springs Publishing distributes to tens of thousands of retail outlets throughout North America and internationally. All manuscripts in any genre are welcome to be submitted for review; If the manuscript meets the necessary criteria and is accepted for publication, Newman Springs Publishing will work closely with the author to bring the book to the retail market for a relatively inexpensive initial investment.

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Author Nana Aba's New Book 'Stolen Heritage: Blood and Stones' is a Captivating Novel That Uncovers Details About Race, Sex, Culture, Politics, and More

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