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Author David Evans’s Brand-New Book “Love and Honour? Marriage for Peace” Depicts a Harsh Reality of India

Author David Evans's Brand-New Book "Love and Honour? Marriage for Peace" Depicts a Harsh Reality of India

September 20, 2021 – Author David Evans’s brand-new book “Love and Honour? Marriage for Peace” depicts in storytelling style a series of true events happening in the northern states of India, The book is based on David’s Qualitative Research thesis on reported incidents from 1993-2013, aided by his Indian mentor Dilawar Chetsingh. The book made it to the shelves on 17th June 2021.

“Love and Honour?” unmasks the prevalent phenomenon of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ style romance tragedies, where families have killed their own and other families’ daughters, sons, sisters, and brothers in the name of family “honour”. The story shows a sad reality that continues to prevail despite India’s democratic constitution of 1950. 

Centered around the life of a family living in a village in Northern India, the story’s protagonist and hero Ashok hails from a liberal Hindu family. But life changes for everyone when their daughter chooses to marry a young Muslim man. Although Ashok chooses a non-violent path, he fears for what members of his family and society may inflict on them and his newlywed daughter in the name of preserving family honor.

David wrote “Love and Honour? Marriage for Peace” to let the reader know that progress can be sought from murder to reconciliation to acceptance, and ultimately, to the celebration of marriage. This book identifies the stepping stones from violence to acceptance of forbidden marriage, in cultures around the world.

“Amazing indeed, David traverses us through Nepal and India, east and west to bring out, so wonderfully, our struggles of human bondage in romance and sufferings, in the killing fields of pride and prejudice in his superb storytelling style. The book is fascinating but factual, beautifully narrated, compulsory reading for all, particularly the discerning and the students of human psychology and sociology”, says Professor (Dr) Anoop.

David D E Evans currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia. He retired after a working life in Medicine, specializing in Pathology and Sexual Health Medicine. David holds a Ph.D. in Humanities from the University of New England, Armidale, Australia, with his thesis entitled ‘Romance tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’.

David has since appeared at the International Peace Research Conferences in Kathmandu (2015) and Ahmedabad (20i8) presenting papers on Family Shame and Eloping Couples: A Hindustani Warp in Time. Besides his academic activities, David enjoys spending time with his family and has a keen interest in Barbershop singing and the Quaker way of life.

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