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Austin Tree Services Saves Client’s Trees from Early Death After Noticing Disease Symptoms During Tree Trimming

Austin, Texas – When Michael hired Austin Tree Services, his goal was to improve the aesthetic appeal of his trees. The company was only supposed to trim the trees, making the crown shape complement other ornamental features on his landscape.

However, when trimming Michael’s trees, Austin Tree Services noticed signs of ill-health on the branches. This prompted the company’s team of qualified professionals in Austin to shift from tree trimming to tree pruning.

“Thanks to Austin Tree Services’ experience in tree health,” said Michael, “this landscape won’t lose its trees to a health problem. The company caught the disease in its beginning stages. Since the disease had not touched the main trunk, the trees could be saved with tree pruning. Tree pruning involved removing all the infected branches, keeping the disease from spreading further.”

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Michael was more than happy to let Austin Tree Services handle the tree pruning. Knowing that the company had been offering professional tree services in Austin for more than 25 years, the homeowner was sure that the company would deliver great results.

“Now that the project had changed from improving the tree’s aesthetic appeal to treating a health problem,” said Michael, “the expectation was the cost of the tree maintenance would go up. The family, however, was in for a happy surprise – Austin Tree Services did not increase the tree service cost.”

According to Michael, the Austin Tree Services CEO noted his company understood the family had budgeted for tree trimming. The CEO added that his team of tree cutting professionals in Austin was not planning on forcing the homeowner to break his bank account.

“The tree pruning was more complicated than the tree trimming,” said Michael. “Instead of focusing on removing the branches that were not serving the tree’s aesthetic appeal, Austin Tree Services had to focus on checking each branch to ensure the disease had not reached it.”

Reporters contacted the Austin Tree Services CEO to understand how the shift from tree trimming to tree pruning affected the timeline of the project. The CEO noted the tree pruning multiplied the initially scheduled time by 2.

“The team of tree cutting professionals in Austin had estimated the tree trimming project to take 2 hours,” said the company’s CEO. “The tree pruning, however, took 4 hours.”

The CEO noted that since his company was founded to save Austin’s urban forest, his team took the extra 2 hours as a way to give back to the community. Although the company was not getting paid for the extra hours, the Austin tree pruning team was satisfied with keeping several trees from dying.

“When the team completed the tree pruning procedure,” said Michael, “they disinfected each wound. Also, taking time to inspect other parts of the tree, the company ensured the disease was not hiding in other sections of the tree.”

The homeowner noted the company did not stop after bringing the diseased branches down. The company cleaned the landscape, taking the branches and leaves to the dumpsite and leaving his landscape cleaner than they found it.

“What’s surprising is that Austin Tree Services killed two birds with one stone,” said Michael. “While the family had assumed the company had shifted its attention from improving the aesthetic appeal in favor of improving tree health, the company did both – the team improved the aesthetic appeal and at the same time made the disease disappear.”

Austin Tree Services schedules its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation at5555 N Lamar Blvd #111, Austin, TX 78751, United States. Busy homeowners, however, can always book tree maintenance procedures via +1 512-982-4843 and [email protected]

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City: Austin 78751
State: TX
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