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Aurora Rehab Center Posts a Trio of Resources Aimed at Those Who are Interested in Knowing if They Have an Addiction and Finding Treatment

Aurora, Colorado –

Pathfinders Recovery Center of Aurora, Colorado is a reputable and upscale facility that offers help to those struggling with alcohol or drug addictions. The center does this by providing a wide variety of intensive outpatient and in-residence treatments that are designed to help its clients get on the path to reclaiming their lives. But this facility’s level of care and concern goes well beyond just the treatment it offers as they continually post resources that are intended to inspire those with drug and alcohol dependencies to seek the recovery help they so desperately need. Help that only professional recovery centers such as it are known to provide. A good example of this is that the Pathfinders Recovery Center team has just posted a trio of resources for those that are contemplating whether they have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and provides answers to what help is available to them. A spokesperson for Pathfinders Recovery Center says, “If you are among the vast majority of the people in our area of Colorado that are struggling with alcohol abuse, drug dependency, or even co-occurring disorders, then you desperately want help and change. The problem is, often if you suffer from these ailments, you don’t know how to go about defining if you have an addiction and probably don’t realize that getting help is easier than you might think. That’s why we routinely post resources that educate and inform those with drug or alcohol dependencies as to what defines addiction and the types of treatments that are available to them nowadays that can help.”

The recovery center’s spokesperson went on to say that the first recently posted resource by their team discussed how someone can determine their level of drug or alcohol dependency. When looking at the definition of addiction, the team provides strict diagnostic criteria, as well as a host of signs and symptoms that can help people determine if they have gone beyond recreational use, or even drug abuse, and into the destructive realm of addiction. He says they at their recovery center feel this is a critical post because someone identifying that they have an alcohol or drug problem is often the first step in their recovery. Also recently added to the Pathfinders Recovery Center of Colorado website was a release that covers transferring one addiction for another. It’s a release that offers insights into the dangers of transfer addiction and finding new dependencies when someone has let go of other types of unhealthy attachments. This is something Pathfinder Recover Center’s spokesperson stated commonly happens in recovery from alcohol use when marijuana or other drugs are substituted for the initial substance of choice. The last newly added website resource takes a deeper look into brain chemistry and the effects of addiction. In it the Pathfinders Recovery staff lets readers know what (and how long) it takes to rewire the brain following addiction. This resource also mentions the best methods that addiction sufferers can use to help their minds and bodies recover from months or years of active alcohol or drug dependencies.

A woman looks at drugs in front of her and wonders if her addiction can be treated at Pathfinders Recovery Centers in Colorado

Those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction that has received help from Pathfinders Recovery Center of Colorado often speak very highly of this rehab facility’s treatments. Nic Jensen proclaimed, “I came into their program months after losing my mom and didn’t care about life. The staff went above and beyond to give me the individual care, support, and therapy that changed my life. It helped in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined previously. This place is different than most. Everyone from the house managers to the owners is involved and invested in their client’s recovery.” Zachary Adams stated, “Pathfinders Recovery helped save my life. This staff, team, and alumni really showed me that life is not as hard as I made it out to be. The owners are involved and the team in both AZ and Colorado are professionals with different backgrounds that instill a discipline that’s invoking and necessary. I absolutely recommend pathfinders and if you have the opportunity, need help, want recovery, and want to be shown a life beyond your wildest dreams, then Pathfinders is a great place to start on that path. Thank you so much for all you guys have done.” This Colorado recovery center’s spokesperson reminded us that as always, their Admissions team is ready to assist those that are interested in attending drug and alcohol treatments that can help. There is also a trove of resources on their website and social media accounts with additional information on drug or alcohol dependencies and treatments. This includes the newly posted article that details the time needed to repair the brain from drug use.


For more information about Pathfinders Recovery Center (Colorado), contact the company here:

Pathfinders Recovery Center (Colorado)
(866) 604-7830
2953 S Peoria St, Suite 230
Aurora, CO 80014

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