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Arlington Moving Services New Blog Details How to Find the Best Local Mover

Arlington, VA-based BoxStar Movers has a reputation for not only making its customers’ moves go smoothly but also for excelling in customer service during the process. The company has a variety of ways that it likes to help its customers stay better informed before and during the moving process. One of those is posting informational blog articles on its website that help people make important decisions regarding an upcoming move. BoxStar Mover’s latest blog post on this subject matter is titled ‘How to Find the Best Local Movers in Your Area’. The moving service’s owner, Duman Zhumagulov, says, “We here at BoxStar Movers realize that the customers in our area have many choices of companies to help them with their upcoming moves. Our company also realizes that choosing the wrong mover can lead to a nightmare scenario that exponentially increases the stress on a relocating family during an already stressful time. That’s why we have compiled a list of 10 traits to look for when someone is looking to hire a moving company. Those that take this information to heart will end up with a professional moving service such as ours that knows how to get that task done the right way.”

In the blog these affordable movers Arlington VA just recently posted, it started by talking about why moving is never an easy task and a very stressful time but these can be mitigated by making the right moving company hiring decision. The best way of which to go about that is by asking family and friends about the companies they used for recent moves and what their experience was like. It says that when someone gets an opinion from a family member or good friend, they know its information they can count on to be accurate. That’s not always the case with some of the other favorable characteristics of moving companies that will follow. Also mentioned in the article, was a person with an upcoming move making a list of the different moving companies which service their area. This is best done through an internet search. One advantage of doing this search is it will not only bring up nationwide moving companies in the area but also lesser-known companies in the area which deliver more personalized service during a move. When using a search provider such as Google, there may even be ratings attached to each moving company that is encountered during the internet search.

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The new BoxStar Movers blog also advises to not just go with the first moving company that looks appealing. A person looking to hire a company for an upcoming move is best served by getting at least three quotes. This way they are sure to hire a moving company that has competitive quotes. Although this blog advised not to select a mover on price alone, it’s a good reference point to have in mind when finding out what other positive traits a moving company possesses. It was also mentioned that prospective movers should get a quote for moving alone and a price for moving combined with packing services. Another very important trait for a moving company that this blog article pointed out was to make sure they are well-reviewed. A few bad reviews should not throw up a red flag but several of them indicate a moving company that should be avoided. When this part of a moving company selection process is done thoroughly, it can save those who are relocating a lot of hassle and stress. Other factors that are important when searching for a competent moving company include making sure they offer all types of services, asking for references, checking to make sure that they have all of the relevant insurances in place, and asking them how many years they have been in business.

BoxStar Moving Services is a company that does much more than just post many informational blogs. That includes offering a wide variety of reputable moving services. Among those are residential & commercial moving services, piano moving, and providing moving labor help. They also do long-distance moving and provide service to many areas near Arlington such as Northern Virginia; Washington, DC; and many areas of Maryland. Those in these areas with an upcoming move can contact the company by phone, email, or by clicking on the free quote form that’s found on its website.


For more information about BoxStar Movers, contact the company here:

BoxStar Movers
Duman Zhumagulov
[email protected]
4650 Washington Blvd #1012, Arlington, VA 22201

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