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Announcing the Launch of for Dog Lovers and Parents is a brand new online resource center exclusively featuring articles and posts about dogs. The categories featured are how-to guides & tips, dog breeds, and dog food. Pets are more than just friendly companions. There are many reasons why people want to adopt a pet and most commonly a dog. Dogs are known for their unconditional love and loyalty. Just a little food and shelter is all they need and these dogs can give their life to their owners in return. Such is the admiration they have for their human friends. is a new online resource center for dog lovers and dog parents. The site offers interesting articles and posts in categories: How-to-Guides & Tips, Dog Breeds, and Dog Food.

There are a lot of benefits to having a dog at home. From being the best companions to keeping their owners physically active, keeping boredom away to providing an immense sense of security, each dog parent experiences parenting in many different ways. This site offers information about dogs and everything a dog enthusiast and a parent should know about dogs. Many pet experts suggest that those adopting a canine for the first time must always learn about that particular breed. Not all breeds are alike. Apart from the physical traits, their psychological attributes also differ.

Some dogs are fierce and others are pretty sober. Some are very playful, while others demand a lot of attention. So, it is better to adopt a breed that suits a wannabe pet parent’s lifestyle the best. The pup will be in a better environment if the parents understand the breed better. Among all the breeds, if anything is common, it is the training. They have to be trained irrespective of their kind. Since they become domesticated, they tend to use their natural instincts in lesser frequencies.

Canine enthusiasts can now visit this site to learn more and understand the creature better. From food habits in dogs to what kind of food they can eat in a home environment, how long it takes to train a dog to how to teach a dog to swim, basic pet care to exclusive care when they fall sick, these and many more important posts are now ready for visitors to read. The website also takes readers through different breeds such as Cane Corso, Great Dane, Italian Mastiff, Pitbull, and general dog breed information. New readers can sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest updates and posts.

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About is a new online resource center for dog lovers and dog parents. The site offers interesting articles and posts in categories: How-to-Guides & Tips, Dog Breeds, and Dog Food. This site was started by Aapt, a pet lover and dog enthusiast. Being a pet owner, Aapt understands the importance of training to enhance the bond between a pet and a parent. This site attempts to help dog enthusiasts and parents understand this beautiful creature and how it can make a huge difference in one’s life.






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