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Announcing A New Decentralized Creator Economy: Create to Earn

Create to Earn (C2E) releases new decentralized creator economy.

The UniVerse team is pleased to announce the release of a new decentralized creator economy: Create to Earn (C2E), an economy inspired by the Play to Earn (P2E) business model.

UniVerse leverages Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology’s proliferation to create a platform that allows players to earn crypto rewards when playing their favorite games under the P2E model.

The new model offers participants an opportunity to produce content and mint them into the Non-Fungible Tokens that can be monetized in the ecosystem, giving participants an extra source of income.

P2E And C2E Models

While making a distinction between the P2E and C2E models, the team explained that “the combination of games and DeFi produces ‘Play to Earn’, a model with financial mechanisms for gaming assets while the mix of content, NFT minting, and DeFi delivers ‘Create to Earn’, an innovative way to attract interesting mediums to the ecosystem with financial incentives and value creation.”

The latter model is empowering creative impressions in the blockchain and digital world by offering individuals a platform to create and own digital collectibles.

Thanks to the new model, players have better chances of monetizing their creativity and social media presence on the platform. Creators are licensed to effortlessly post exclusive content through the C2E platform as NFTs.

They can make the NFTs more attractive by associating perks with them such as a crypto trading skill workshop or exclusive meetings that offer their users and fans bidding opportunities on the NFT Marketplace. The rewards from such efforts will subsequently be shared between the creator and the NFT owner.

Possible Creations

The UniVerse team explained further that individuals can monetize their creative skills and generate revenue by uploading diverse content on the platform. They can also mint NFTs such as animated GIFs, images, in-game items, videos, code, memes, music, and a couple of real-world items.

Hence, creators can create valuable content and share them with their audience and be rewarded according to the degree of engagement received. The opportunity is extended to every creator, irrespective of their social media followership. They are given excellent tools and platforms to enable the monetization of their creative products and skills.

C2E Model

Through the Create to Earn model, participants are paid to mint NFTs and create content. Furthermore, they are paid for their efforts, based on their audience’s engagement. Rewards are dispersed as the platform’s native crypto tokens which is equivalent to major cryptocurrencies.

On some platforms, one can find a staking feature that allows users “to stake crypto tokens on their favorite creators’ profiles.” This allows the creators and NFT owners to share the crypto rewards they receive from the staking pools. User’s earnings as a creator are dependent on how active they are on the platform and the number of users staking their tokens.

Stakers and creators will also receive governance rights to contribute to the protocols. Token holders can leverage their governance right to vote and propose on the platform’s development. Hence, C2E offers investors, creators, individuals, and users an opportunistic model to generate revenue.

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Release ID: 89060249

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