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Anja Health Disrupts Cord Blood Banking with Heartfelt Founding Story and Ground-Breaking Mission

This umbilical cord blood bank encourages parents to get the best healthcare option for their children.

When Anja Health founder Kathryn Cross was 3 and her brother was 1, he was in a near-drowning accident. His physicians quickly diagnosed him with cerebral palsy, and her parents began searching for a treatment. When they discovered umbilical cord blood, the possibilities that the future held suddenly widened. Umbilical cord blood was increasingly being studied as a treatment for cerebral palsy via clinical trials. Its versatile stem cells were already FDA-approved to treat 85+ diseases, and approximately 1,300 ongoing clinical trials were examining other use cases. Research for cerebral palsy in particular was promising, but the Cross family was ultimately unable to find an umbilical cord blood stem cell match that could have acted as a treatment.

When the founder later lost her brother to cerebral palsy and pneumonia complications, she realized that there was not only a limited supply of life-changing stem cells, but there was also limited awareness. In that moment, Anja Health was born.

Anja Health is a preventative care brand that offers Anja Health Family Defense, Anja Health Family Defense Plus, and Anja Health Family Defense Bundle to collect stem cells from the umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta.

With stem cell treatment’s unique ability to grow and develop into almost any cell type in the body, it has earned a reputation for being one of the most sought-after medical solutions and is now at the forefront of a brighter future for medicine. With its proven track record of saving lives, many parents now consider collecting their baby’s umbilical cord blood to preserve it for future use.

Anja Health collects, cryopreserves, and safe-keeps samples in its New-Jersey-based AABB-accredited, FDA-approved partner facility. It also updates its clients (even after birth and collection) of the newest stem cell uses to illustrate how clients can use samples when a need arises.

“Stem cell treatments from banked cord blood, tissue, and placenta stem cells can be wonderfully life-altering for those who suffer from different diseases,” said Anja Health founder Kathryn Cross. “Today, banking is not simply an insurance policy in the low-probability case that your child gets a disease. Rather, if someone has access to stem cells and they stay up to date with its use cases as they develop, they will use stem cells at some point in their life.”

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About Anja Health

Anja Health is a preventative care brand that provides services for collecting and preserving stem cells. Anja aims to bring the revolutionary benefits of stem cell treatments to individuals, especially those who suffer from various diseases.

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